Daniel J Hay Interviewed on Blog

Twitter user @pensake (Rob Graham) interviewed me as a freelance editor on his blog "The Write Knight". It was posted on 25 May 2011 so you'll find it at http://goo.gl/17nxW at the top or in the May 2011 Archives. Please, while you are there, take the time to look around his blog because there are some other great articles. Enjoy the visit.

If you wish to comment on the interview please do so there and I will try to reply. If you think I've missed replying you can contact me on Twitter @jesterhay or by emailing danielhay@gmail.com.

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You can read other pages about Daniel J Hay at the blog PeriODDically... or listen to some of the music he has 
composed at this PodBean page or preview some of his printed music at this MagCloud page. To subscribe to sheet
 music or mp3 files of compositions visit the Composer page.