Descriptive Catalog - Music of Daniel Hay

"I love Daniel's work. It is melodic and atmospheric." --  Marion H., Spain

If any links don't function just email questions. All compositions through 2011 are now listed.

Following some entries are special links: 
YouTube (for recorded music) 
GoogleMusic (for Singles/Albums on Android)
and MagCloud (for printed music)
The music of Daniel J Hay stems from the classical roots of bygone centuries. It spans from solo
presentations to large form compositions and includes most orchestral instruments as well as the Recorder upon which Daniel also performs.
A sampling of his music has been loaded to SoundCloud.
Some of Hay's music is now available in commercial print at
Sheet music, parts, and scores for all other titles are available directly from the composer.
Daniel, an award-winning composer, has written more than 649 pieces of music.