Daniel J Hay teams with Yegor Lanovenko

~ American composer, Daniel J Hay, has teamed with Ukrainian Poet/Songwriter, Yegor Lanovenko on a music composition entitled Tears For Earth. Daniel put out a request on Twitter for assistance in creating the libretto (lyrics) for the music. The piece is intended for Tenor Solo, Oboe, Bassoon, Timpani, Viola, Cello I & II, and Contrabass, as well as a Chorus of Speakers. Yegor Lanovenko was featured on the One Stop Poetry blog by Leslie Moon, and in fact, she recommended to Mr. Hay that Yegor be asked to write the words. Through email and Twitter a match was found.

~ Yegor Lanovenko is currently based in Prague. His love for the arts has ranged from writing award-winning poetry to directing and acting in theatre - his directorial debut travelled all the way to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. His main creative focus now is song-writing. He can be reached at MySpace or on Twitter @yegorlanovenko. Yegor will be writing the lyrics for the "Mountains Weeping", "Flowers Flaming", "Oceans Tolling", and "Life Dying", movements although titles are subject to change. 

~ Daniel J Hay is an award winning composer, an author and an editor. The concept for Tears For Earth and the lyrics to the First Movement "Bones of Earth" are his. He may be reached via email or at Twitter @jesterhay.