Hayes Group, Summer 2014:
Back row: Dr. Dustin Wheeler, Robert Marti, Jeremy Moore, Matt Willmering, Dr. Zayd Ma
Front Row: Blake Hammann, Chia-Hsin Chen, Erika Sesti, Katie Wentz, Dr. Sophia Hayes

Our research interests are focused on the unique combination of optical irradiation with solid-state NMR studies. The goal of our research is a basic understanding of the structure and properties of different types of inorganic systems, including semiconductors and other optically and electronically active materials.

Recent Events

  • The group recently switched to a new site at: https://pages.wustl.edu/hayesgroup! For up to date information, please visit the new site.
  • Sophia and the group recently attended the 56th annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

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