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An excerpt from a letter by George Washington  Keys quoting:

    Oliver named one son, (by his 3rd wife Mary Davidson), William Spring Hubbell Keys, in honor of his nephew, the Honorable William Spring Hubbell, and I have 2 photographs of this son; one was made in Harrisburg, Pa.  William became a Congregational Minister, and located in St Louis, Kansas City or some important city in the Midwest, when I was a boy.  My grandfather talked with me about this half-brother of his, (by Oliver and Mary Davidson) who was one of the outstanding members of that generation at the time of my birth: and so I was given his name in part."  
 For a time while living in Parsons, Kansas, he spelled his name KEYES as there were 4 totally unrelated Keys families there and he stated they were "lifting" his mail.
Rev. William Spring Hubbell (7) Keys (Oliver-6) was born on Jul 8 1826 in Centre County Pa.. He died in 1892. William married Susan F.Crownover on Oct 7 1852.
She was the daughter of Hezekiah Covenhoven and Elizabeth Newman. Susan was born in 1824 in Stone Valley, Huntington County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1892. Susan resided in 1880 in Parson, Labette, Kansas,


 William Spring Hubbell (7) Keys (Keyes) was ordained in 1847 in Allegheny Conference, Pennsylvania. Born July 8, 1826, Died age 66, 1892. The 2nd son  of George Oliver Keys aka Oliver Hayden and Mary Davidson..  (Family blood Line is actually Hayden from Connecticut and not Keys. Read biography on Oliver Hayden). He was named after The Honorable William Spring Hubbell. He is the second son of the widower Oliver Hayden from Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, who had changed his name to George Oliver Keys, during the War of 1812, and Oliver's 3rd wife Mary Davidson. A letter from him at age 15, dated March 13, 1841 to Jemima Hayden Hubbell shows him in Alexandria, Pa.
"The American Era" newspaper was established by a stock company in Tyrone, Blair Cty, Pa., about the year 1856, with William Spring Hubbell Keys as editor, afterwards next Benjamin Jones.
(Warrior's Mark Township) In  1860 he dedicated Bethesda Chapel, of the United  Brethren Congregation, "a plain frame building, twenty eight by thirty eight feet, Erected at a cost of eight hundred dollars. It was remodeled in 1877 and rededicated and the Sunday School had a membership of 35 members.
    References to him are in Aldrich's 1887 History of Clearfield County. Page 453: Reference to Rev. William S. H. Keys serving in Bradford Township.  He was a United Brethren (now part of the United Methodist denomination) preacher licensed in 1844 (at age 18) and ordained in 1847(at age 21).  Degrees of A.M. and D.D. of Otterbein University of Lebanon, Pa. He was married on Oct 7, 1852, to Susan F. Crownover from Miller Township, Stone Valley, Pa. She was born about 1832.  He later became a Minister in the Congregational Church either in Kansas City or St. Louis, Missouri.  He served in the Allegheny Conference (central and western mountains of Pennsylvania) before transferring in 1862 "to any other conference he may wish to join."  He then joined the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference and served with distinction in Lancaster, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties before leaving that ministry in 1878. Family genealogy records later show him as: D.D. Minister in 1878 in either Presbyterian or Congregational Church in St. Louis or Kansas City. He died in 1892 at age 66.
    For a time while living in Parsons, Kansas, he spelled his name KEYES and also spelled his children Keyes as there were 4 totally unrelated Keys families there and he stated they were "lifting" his mail. At the very end of this report I have inserted a published biographical sketch on  a portion of his religious life.
William Spring Hubbell (7) Keyes and Susan F.Crownover had the following children who are next:
i. Rebecca J. Keyes.
ii. Lavinia Keyes               ("Linnet".)
iii. Mary Elizabeth Keyes was born on Aug 27 1853. She died on Mar 19 1855. Died 1 year, 5 months and 22 days: From their Family Bible.
iv. Arbelin Keyes was born in 1863. (female)
v. William George (8) Keyes notes below (William Spring Hubbell (7)Keyes/Keys) Oliver (6), was born in 1867 in (?) Pennsylvania and died in  1917 age 50, in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas. William G. Keys was shown in the census on 11. Jun. 1880 as studying medicine. William ("Will") married Nannie Luella Sykes on May 12, 1883 daughter of Rufus Sikes and Nancy Ross Ricks in Parsons City, Labette, Kansas. Nannie was born on Nov 15, 1862 in Taylorsville, Illinois. She died age 79 on Jul 25, 1941 in Parsons, Kansas. Nannie resided Mar 1, 1895 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas and resided in 1920 in Parsons Ward 1, Labette, Kansas. 

v. William George Keyes and Nannie Luella Sykes had the following 8 children in my records:


i Unknown Keyes .
ii Kellar B. Keyes was born in Mar 1884 in Parsons, Labette co.,Kansas (Married Effie Edwards-?)
iii Louella Ross Keyes "Rossie". Never married. She was born on Apr 4,1885
        in Parsons, Labette co.,Kansas. She died age 86, on Apr 26, 1971 in            Parsons, Labette co., Kansas. >>>>>
iv. William R. Keyes was born on 11 Jul 1887 in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas. He died age 53 on Dec 25, 1940 inParsons, Labette Co., Kansas.
v. Phillip Sheridan (9) Keyes was born in June, 1890. Their photos are below.   Phillip married Sophia Ivy (Bonnie) Edwards. Bonnie was born in Kansas on Feb. 12, 1892 and she died on June 4, 1984. One document says she died in Idaho. Phillip and Sophia were married on Dec. 26, 1908 and both died in Renton (Seattle) Washington-?
        They had 3 children listed next: Photo below right.
        Vincent Keyes b. 1910 born in Parsons, Kansas
        Vesta Keyes b. 1912 born in Parsons, Kansas
        Ruth Keyes b. 1914 in Arkansas when Phillip was working for the                 railroad. 
                Vincent Keyes has 2 sons; David Keyes and Duane Keyes in West Seattle, Wash. (All of these Keyes listed above and below are actually Keys bloodline and even before this time are all Hayden Connecticut blood line.)

Phillip Sheridan Keyes and Sophia Ivy Edwards (Bonnie) Keyes-left picture
Children of Phillip and Sophia (Bonnie) are: Vincent, Vesta(Bea), and Ruth Keyes: 

Continued next are more pictures and facts on the children of William George (8) Keyes and Nannie Luella Sykes Keyes 
vi.  Ruth Marie(9) Keyes  was born on July 8, 1893. She died age 85 on May 2, 1978. Two pictures here. Also see notes below.

vii Robert A Keyes  (William G. Keyes, William Spring Hubbell Keys, Oliver)  was born on Sep. 14, 1895. in Parsons, Labette co., Kansas. He died age 76, on Jul 14. 1971 in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas. Pictured with violin.>>>>>> 
Robert married Ina Dell Dyson about 1917. Ina was born on Aug 16, 1895 in Erie Ks. She died on June 17, 1947 in Halstead, Kansas.
They had the following child:
       i. Keitha Kathleen Keyes was born in 1918.
 viii   Theodore R. Keyes "Teddy" was born about 1900 in Parsons, Labette Co.Kansas. Infant death on 23 Jul 1901 in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas.



Notes for #vi above Ruth Marie (9) Keyes (William George Keyes, William Spring Hubbell Keyes/Keys) was born on July 8, 1893. She died on May 2,1978 in Grove, Oklahoma. On March 1, 1895 Ruth resided in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. Ruth married Howard Tinder Groves son of John Thomas Groves and Margaret Emily Edwards on Oct 24, 1912 in Columbus, Kansas. Howard was born on May 24, 1887 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. He died on 8 Apr 1960 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. Howard resided on 1 Mar 1895 in North Labette, Kansas. He resided in 1900 in Pueblo City, Pueblo, Colorado.

Howard Tinder Groves and Ruth Marie (9) Keyes had the following 8 children:
i. Marjorie Mae Groves was born on Aug 2, 1915 in Texarkana, Texas. Marjorie married Robert Thaddeus Smith,Sr. She died on Feb. 12, 1988 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Robert died in 1980.
            They had 4 children: Sharon, now deceased, Robert Thaddeus Smith Jr. born March 15,                  1937 and died Jan. 3, 2011, and Marcia (living) and Richard (living.) A child of Robert                     Thaddeus Smith (Jr.) is Peggy.
ii Marvis Clare Groves was born on Oct.6, 1917 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. She died on Jan.11, 1977 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas.
iii Wanda Wrae (10) Groves "Dutch" a twin, was born on Dec. 16, 1919. She died on Oct.3, 1992 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas See Wanda Wrae Groves notes below.
iv. John William Groves "Lefty" a twin, was born on Dec.16, 1919. He died on 25 Oct 1984 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, John married Maxine Phillips on Mar 15, 1942 in Independence, Doniphan, Kansas. Maxine died on 30 Nov 1970. 
Their children are: David, Rebecca Louise, Kathleen and John Phillip-(d.8-26-2009). Rebecca Louise lives near Houston, Texas in 2011.
v, Groves lady (still living) was born on March 8, 1923 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. She married (1) Jack Boyer Roberts in September, 1944 in Elkton, Maryland. Jack was born on May 24, 1921. He died on Jan 30,1945 in Bicthe, Germany during World War 2. She married (2) Frederick Wilhelm Johnson on May 18,  1948 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas. Frederick was born on Sep.28, 1915 in Mound Valley, Kansas. He died on June 6, 1978 in Parsons, Kansas.
vi.   Naomi Marie Groves was born on May 31, 1925 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. She died in 1935 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas.
vii.   Donna Louella Groves was born on Jan 15, 1931. She died on Nov 13, 1984 in Richardson, Collin County, Texas. Donna married Arnold Duff Lamm.
viii.  Groves male (living) was born on March 15, 1935 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas. He married Muriel Mills on Dec 14, 1957 in Oak City, North Carolina, USA. Muriel was born on Aug 10, 1937 in Oak City, North Carolina, USA

Notes for: iii. Wanda Wrae(10) Groves (RuthMarie Keyes, William George, William Spring Hubbell Keyes/Keys).
Wanda was born on 16 Dec 1919 in Parsons, Labette,Kansas. She died on 3 Oct 1992 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas, USA.
She married Joseph Blackburn Roskob on 30 Mar 1940 in Girard, Kansas. Joseph was born on 31 Dec 1915 in Nevada, Missouri, USA. He died on Jan. 25, 1988 in Parsons, Kansas, USA
They had the following children who are  next :                 

                                                                                                            GENERATION 11 CHILDREN
i. Joseph Blackburn (11) Roskob ("Joe B") was born on 11 Nov 1941. He died on Jan. 21, 2003.
ii. Male Roskob (11) (living) was born on 1943 (See Notes below)
iii. Female Roskob (11) (living) was born in 1947.

Notes for: ii. Male Roskob (11) (living) (Wanda Groves, Ruth Marie Keyes, William George, William Spring Hubbell).
Male Roscob (living) married Mary Ann Boner . 
They had the following children who are next:

i. Female (12) Roskob was born 1963. 
            She married ----Casey .                                                                                                     
ii. Female Roskob, born 1965.
iii, Female (12) Roskob, born 1967
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More information on Rev. William Spring Hubbell Keys/Keyes

Transcribed from History of Labette County,

Lake Creek. - Eighteen members of the church at Chetopa took letters and united in forming the Lake Creek Presbyterian church, which was organized January 6, 1884, by Rev. C. H. McCreery, assisted by E. S. Hitchcock. Arthur Baty was elected ruling elder. A church building was erected the following spring, at a cost of about $1,200, which was dedicated in April, by W. S. H. Keyes. Mr. McCreery had preached at the Baty schoolhouse, in District No. 60, for several years before the organization of the church. After its organization Rev. J. M. Crawford became pastor, in April, 1884, and served until November, 1889. From April 1, 1890, to April 1, 1891, Rev. J. S. McClung was stated supply. Rev. J. L. Griffes supplied the church a part of the time during 18gi. Rev. J. M. Crawford came March 1, 1892, and continued as pastor until the church was joined with that of Bartlett in the following year.

The First Presbyterian church of Parsons was organized Sept. 24, 1871, by H. H. Cambern as moderator. J. V. Thornton, J. E. Wilkins and J. J. Blause were elected elders. The membership at organization was 16. In December, 1871, they commenced to take subscriptions for a church building, but ground was not broken till August, 1872. The church was completed and dedicated Aug. 2, 1874, by Rev. C. H. McCreery. In the meantime Rev. S. F. Farmer was installed as pastor. An addition was made to the church in 1882, another one in 1883, and a third in 1891. In May, 1872, Rev. J. H. Metier was employed to succeed Mr. Cambern as pastor. Since then the following have supplied the pulpit, some as supply and others as pastor: Joel Kelsey, S. F. Farmer, H. G. Miller, F. R. Morton, W. S. H. Keyes, J. K. Fowler, - Shields, W. S. Davis, Edward F. Walker, J. M. Wright, and E. 0. Hart. Mr. Wright's pastorate closed in 1893, and he was succeeded by the present pastor, E. 0. Hart. Under Mr. Hart's pastorate, the church building has been enlarged and improved at a cost of about $3,000. At present they are building a manse which is to be commodious and well finished. At present the church has a membership of upwards of 400. In 1882 a Young People's Society was organized for the purpose of holding devotional meetings. At different times it had for its president Miss Montgomery, E. H. McCreery, F. H. Shaub, W. H. Martin, Lena Venable, W. J. McKnight, and George B. Comings. On September 8, 1892, a reorganization of the Young People's Society was had, and formed into the Y. P. S. C. E., with George B. Comings as president.

William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas 


REV. W. S. H. KEYES, D. D., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at Parsons, Labette Co., Kan., was born in Centre County, Pa., in 1826. By his father he comes of English, and by his mother of Scotch-Irish decent. Dr. Keyes passed his educational course mainly under the tutelage of his father, who was quite eminent as a scholar and teacher in his day. His early religious life was under the shadow of Methodistic training and influence, both father and mother (Oliver Hayden/Keys and Mary Brown Davidson) being active members of this church, and it was their fond hope that their son would be a minister in that denomination. However, in the process of his studies for the ministry, his opinions on the subject of church polity, and certain doctrinal points so changed, that he was led to seek affiliation with a church more in harmony with his changed views and convictions of right; and it was about this time also, that the great Slaver, agitation was stirring the heart of the nation and the church, and Dr. Keyes, with all the force of conviction, was led to embrace and champion the abolition side of the question, and this fact determined his steps of church relationship. The "United Brethren in Christ" was an abolition church, as well as anti-Episcopal, being Republican in its form of government, and in doctrine well in harmony with the theological views of the Doctor. He therefore entered the ministry in this church at the early age of eighteen, where he remained and ranked among their most eminent ministers for thirty-three years. During this time he received recognition of his scholarship and theological eminence by the conferring of the degrees of "Master of Arts" and "Doctor of Divinity" by Westfield College, Illinois, and Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania; in the latter he held for some time the chair of Mental and Moral Science, in connection with a pastoral relation to a church in Labanon City, Pa. His last work in the United Brethren Church was that of General Centenary Agent, a work looking to the raising of funds for educational, missionary and other benevolent enterprises. While engaged in this work, the want of large intense church-life, on the part of those who should have been most interested in the great claims coming before them in his agency, so dissatisfied him with the prospective future of this church, that he resigned the work, and for the time being gave himself up to the lecture field, under the auspices of the New York National Lecture Bureau. Shortly after this he dissolved his relation with the United Brethren Church, and united with the Presbyterian, entering its ministry in the North Cumberland Presbytery, Pa. After this consummation he received a number of calls to the pastoral relation from different churches, accepting that of the First Presbyterian Church of Parsons, upon which he entered November 10, 1878, where his ministry has been marked with singular and continued interest and prosperity. As a pastor, Dr. Keyes has always been eminently popular and successful. Socially he is affable, and exceedingly well liked. In the pulpit he is fearless, and on the rostrum eloquent. His devotion to principle, his acceptance of what is right, and his bold utterance of the truth, as he is given to know and understand right and truth, make him one of the most pronounced and noticeable of public men in Kansas. His power of oratory is a distinguishing gift. Upon many occasions, in the lecture field and in the sacred desk, he has manifested a rare bravery in denouncing error. The family of Dr. Keyes consists of wife, son and daughter, all of whom are Pennsylvanians by birth.