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"Let friends pass   ------     suffering-----

      --_------  relics with concern

Oh cease to drop the pitying tears

I'm now beyond the reach of fears
Mary Brown Davidson Keys Headstone.

She is buried in Furnace Cemetery, town of Pennsylvania Furnace, Ferguson Township, just over the border of Huntington County, Pennsylvania.


    Oliver’s 3rd wife, Mary Davidson Keys grave is just barely inside Huntington County and inside Franklin Township across from Centre County. (Ruth Hayden Hancock took this picture.)  It is called Pennsylvania Furnace Cemetery and the plots next to hers are empty or non- recorded or the other stones are missing.  This cemetery is a couple of miles from Stone Valley.


GEORGE OLIVER KEYS AKA OLIVER HAYDEN-KEYS, 3rd wife was Mary Brown Davidson and they were married on July 6, 1823 in Centre County, Penn.,10 months after Oliver's 2nd wife, Eliza (Funk) Keys died. Oliver was 37, a widower with now a 4 yr. old and a now 2 yr old baby, by his 2nd wife Eliza Funk, and Mary was 23 and never married. Mary Brown Davidson was born Sept 18, 1800, of Scots-Irish descent, and she died June 21, 1874 in Centre County, Pa.


Mary and Oliver raised a total of 10 children; 2 of them by Oliver’s second wife Eliza Funk, plus 8 more of their own children. 


His second wife Eliza Funk Keys had died Aug. 27, 1822.  Henry King Keys was 3 1/2 years old and the baby George Washington Keys was just a little over 16 months old.  His 3rd wife, Mary Brown Davidson, raised the children.


George Oliver Hayden Keys spent the rest of his life as a teacher and artist in the tri-county area of Centre, Clearfield, and Huntington, Pa.Oliver died at home in Stone Valley, Huntington County, Pennsylvania on August 4, 1855.  Mary is buried in Centre County, Pa. No one has ever been  able to locate Oliver's gravestone. I was told that there are over 200 cemetaries in that area.


Stone Valley is the valley traversed by Stone Creek. It lies north of Huntingdon Borough. The creek begins in Jackson Township, north of the town of  McAlevy's Fort, and flows through Miller and Oneida Townships before emptying into the Juniata River at Huntingdon.

“He was a scholarly gentleman, a schoolteacher by profession, and an artist of considerable prominence. He held membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was a pronounced Republican in Politics.”

The Children of OLIVER (6)HAYDEN KEYS and MARY DAVIDSON are:

i. Andrew Jackson Keys was born on Aug 4 1824. He died on Sep 29 1831, age 7.
ii. Rev.William Spring Hubbell Keys was born on Jul 8 1826. He died in 1892. age 66.
 See the side bar on the Kansas Keyes Family.
iii. Rebecca Jane Keys
was born on Jan 9 1828. She died in Oct 1863 in Philadelphia, Pa, age 35. Rebecca married George Sharrer. George died before 1898 in Philadelphia, Pa.
iv. David Steele Keys was born on Apr 14 1830. He died on Oct 10 1863, age 33. See notes below.
v. Julia Maria Keys was born on Aug 10 1833. She got the family Bible. See notes below.
vi. Almira Frances Keys was born on Feb 28 1835. She died in Altoona, Pa.
She is listed in the 1850 Ferguson Twshp Census, Centre County, Pa as a 16 yr old student. Almira married Jacob Condo . Jacob died in Altoona, Pa.
vii. Harriet Olive Keys was born on Aug 15 1837. She died before 1898, before age 61-?
See Notes below
viii. James Stevens Keys was born on Apr 12 1840. He is listed in the 1850 Census for Ferguson Twnp, Centre County, Pa as an 11 year old student.


Notes for David Steele (7)Keys  (Oliver(6)Hayden Keys) was born on Apr 14 1830 in Alexandria, Clearfield Cty,  Pennsylvania. In the 1850 Census for Ferguson Township, Centre County, Pa., David is listed as then being  20 years of age and occupation as a miner.
 David married Johanna Sands Pugh on Jun 9 1853 in Centre Cty, Huntington Cty, Pa.. Johanna was born on Jul 30 1831 in Pine Grove Mills, Centre Co, Pa.. She died on Jul 1. 1920  at age 89 in Henryetta, Okmulgee Cty, Oklahoma. She was from Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
David and Johanna had the following 5 children:
i.   John David Keys  was born on Apr 6 1854. He died on Jun 25 1890. See notes below.
ii.  George Washington Keys  was born on Mar 22 1855. He died after Mar 31 1942.
     See notes below.
iii.  Charles Nelson Asbury Keys  was born on Mar 26 1858. He died on Nov 18 1911.
      See Charles notes below:
iv.  Edward. McClellan Keys, Sr.  was born on Mar 14 1860. He died in 1950 in Alaska. See his extensive notes below.
v.   Hiram Sweetwood Keys  was born on Jun 30 1862 in Pennsylvania. He died estimated 1932 in Edmonds, Washington. Living in Edgerton, Montana in  1890 and in Edmonds, Washington in 1932.No further notes on Hiram.

Shortly after the birth of his last child, David Steel Keys entered the service of his country during the Civil War (Co. D., 148th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry), August 1862.  He took sick in December, 1862 and lay in the hospital until July, 1863, when he was discharged.  After reaching home, he lay until October 18, 1863, "when he departed this life in  peace." Aged 33 years, 6 months and 4 days. He left a widow and 6 children. He is buried beside his father in law, Timothy Pugh in the Meeks Churchyard, 3 miles from Pine Grove Mills, Center County, Pa. in Row # 5.He died on Oct 10 1863 in Graysville, Huntington Cty., Pa.. He was buried on Oct 18 1863 in Meeks Cemetery, 3 miles from Pine Grove, Pa.

Notes for Julia Maria Keys  (Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Aug 10 1833 Her 1st husband was Josia Benn. Husband  # 2 was Samuel Hoover. She was 39 when married the 2nd time. Julia Maria Keys was given the family Bible in 1901 with the information in it concerning her father, George Oliver (Hayden) Keys and dates.(We need copies of those pages from the Bible.) The husbands family real name was/is actually Hayden and not Keys. Read that separate genealogy report on  Oliver Hayden aka Oliver Heydon aka George Oliver Keys who had 3 families at different times, before, during and after the War of 1812. An erroneous report in  "The Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, Including the Counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion; published by J. H. Beers and Co in  1898"  lists the paternal grandparents as being "Jacob and Jemima Keys who came to America from England and located in  New York City. " This is not correct. They are David Hayden II and Jemima Ellsworth both who were born in Connecticut and both died in Angelica, New York. (Information furnished by Thomas Keys) Julia married (1) Josiah Benn #1  about 1853 in Pennsylvania. Josiah was born on Thursday, May 10 1821. He died on Saturday, Jan 14 1865. He was 43 years old, 8 months and 4 days. Buried in Row 5  in the Pennsylvania Furnace Cemetery,  Centre County, PA.
Josiah and Julia had the following children:
 i.  Anna Benn was born about 1854. See Notes
Julia married (2) Samuel Hoover #2 on Feb 9, 1872. Samuel was born on Feb 21 1838  in York County, Hannah, Pennsylvan
ia. He was Julia Maria Keys 2nd husband. He is listed as a "leading citizen and extensive farmer and cider manufacturer, residing at Hannah Furnace, Taylor Township, Centre County Pa." He served, in 1861, in Company C, 14th P.V.I., under Capt. Crouder, and remained in the service until the expiration of his term of three months.  Returning home, he remained until 1863, when he embarked in the dairy business at Altoona, Pa, but in 1864 enlisted for one year in Company C, 208th P. V. I., which was organized at Harrisburg Pa., Sept. 13, 1864, and was assigned to the First Brigade, Third Division, Ninth Army Corps., He was mustered in to the U.S. service at Camp Curtin, and participated in many battles and skirmishes, including the engagements at Fort Steadman, Petersburg, and Appomattox.  He was never wounded, and at the close of the war he received an honorable discharge and returned home, where he has since engaged in agricultural pursuits.”
Samuel and Julia had the following children
i.  Olga F. Hoover  was born about 1873 in Pennsylvania.
ii.  Linnie R. Hoover  was born about 1875 in Pennsylvania. 
Notes for Harriet Olive Keys  (Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Aug 15 1837. She died before 1898. She is listed in the Ferguson Township, Centre County, Pa 1850 Census as a 14 year old student in school. Harriet married Adam Goss on Aug 1 1861. Adam died before 1898.
They had the following children:
i.  George Oliver Keys Goss  was born on Sep 5 1862.
ii.  James. F. Goss  was born on Jan 23 1865.
iii.  Joseph H. Goss  was born on Oct 18 1867.
iv.  William D.Y. Goss  was born on Nov 22 1869.

Notes for John David Keys (David Steele Keys, Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Apr 6 1854 in Sinking Valley, Blair Cty, Pa. He died on Jun 25 1890 in Blair Cty.,Altoona, Pennsylvania. He worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad. John married Rachel Rebecca Cornelius daughter of Peter Cornelius and Mary Angeline Pheasant on Mar 19 1874 in Altona, Blair Cty, Pa.. Rachel was born on Jan 25 1853 in Royer, Blair Cty., Pa.. She died on Apr 16 1934 in Altona, Blair Cty, Pa..
They had the following children:
i.  Anna Mary Keys  was born in 1875. She died in 1918. Anna married Harry M. Graham  on Jun 14 1900. No children.
ii.  Bertha Agnes Keys  was born in 1877. She died in 1959. Bertha married George Bastian  on Dec 12 1899. No children.
iii.  Cora Belle Keys  was born on Jul 25 1879. She died on Oct 6 1973. See notes below
iv.  Dr. Edgar Hayden Keys Sr.  was born on Sep 3 1881. He died on May 3 1967.
       See notes below 
v.  Roy Cornelius Keys  was born on May 9 1885. He died on Oct 8 1888. Died only 3 yrs old.
Notes for George Washington Keys  (David Steele Keys, Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Mar 22 1855 in Pennsylvania. He died after Mar 31 1942 in Seattle, Washington.
Born March 22, 1855 in Huntington County or Centre County, Pa and died after March 31, 1942 around Seattle, Washington.  He was twice elected Register of Deeds, and was Deputy County Treasurer. He was in the real estate business for 40 years in Oberlin, Kansas, was President of a bank, was a US commissioner, and chairman of the Democratic Central Committee. He moved from Kansas to Colorado to Seattle, Washington. Was living in Kansas in 1877. Living at  104 North 49th St.  Seattle Washington in  the early 1930's.
Caution: Do not confuse this George Washington Keys with the other GWK born to Oliver Hayden Keys with Oliver's 2nd wife Eliza Funk.  They ALSO had a son GWK.  See that main file.
George married Margaret M. Frasier  on Oct 8 1885 in Kansas. Margaret was born on Oct 8 1855 in Wisconsin.  Her parents were from Scotland.
George and Margaret had the following children:
i.  Dds. Edward Frasier Keys  was born on Aug 15 1893. See his notes below.
ii.  Ralph Keys died . There are no records on Ralph.
Notes for iii. Charles Nelson Asbury Keys  (David Steele Keys, Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Mar 26 1858 in Pine Groves Mill Center, Pennsylvania. He died on Nov 18 1911 in Saskatchawan, Canada. He had 10 known children, 7 with no record of names including twin  daughters. He had moved with his family to Canada sometime after 1891. Charles married (1) Clara Haggard  on Mar 30 1886 in Worthington Nobles, Minnesota. Clara was born on Jan 11 1867 in Iowa.
They had the following children:
i.  Truman Benjamin Keys  was born on Aug 19 1891. He died on Jun 4 1975. See his Notes
Charles married (#2) Louise D. -? .
They had the following children:
i.  Charles Keys .
ii.  Edward L. Keys .

Notes for Edward McClellan Keys, Sr.  (David Steele Keys, George Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Mar 14 or 22 in either 1860 or 1862 in Pennsylvania. He died in 1950 in Alaska. He was in  the Klondike gold rush with his 3 sons and they all climbed over Chilcoot Pass.
He was
living in Ferry, Alaska from 1898 to the early 1930's.He was a Regent, University of Alaska, 1923-1928.
He was a member of the Alaska Territorial House of Representatives 4th District, 1923-24.
He also lived for a time in Tacoma, Washington.He returned to Fairbanks after two and a half years in the states and  planned to sell his mining property that he and his son George had been mining together.
In 1950 at age 90, he left the Pioneers' Home in Sitka to go on one last mining adventure
He was found dead in a cabin in 1950 near Ester Creek. He was survived by three sons, Ralph, Edward Jr., and George. He was 90 years of age.Passport application, 05 May 1919, Los angeles, CA for mining in Sinaloa, Mexico..
Edward McClellan Keys,Sr. married #1Georgiana Lester in 1885. Georgiana was born in Oct 1864 in Minnesota. She died on Feb 3 1922 in Fairbanks, Ak. She was buried in Clay Street Cemetary, Arctic Brotherhood Cemetery, Fairbanks, Ak S.E. Quarter #1120. Married at age 21.Edward and Georgiana had the following children:     
i.  Edward MacClellan Keys II was born July 1, 1885.See his notes below
ii. Ralph Hamil Keys born July 12, 1896.

Edward McClellan Keys, Sr. married #2 Louise D. Lesher  . Louise was born in Helena, Montana. She died in 1930 in Tacoma, Washington. No other details.     
They had the following children:
George Lesher Keys Born Jan 25, 1892 in Montana, died Aug 31 1985 in Anacortes, Washington State.
Child was born in est.? Orcas Island, Puget Sound, Wash.
Wife, Laverne, Resident of Orcas Island, Puget Sound Wa, Also Aviator WW 1.
Russell Keys...

Notes for Anna Benn  (Julia Maria Keys, Oliver) was born about 1854. Anna married Harry Chaney . -"General Manager of a coal mine at at Broadtop, Pa."
Harry and Anna had the following children:
i.  Olga F. Chaney  died about 1897.
ii.  Linnie R. Chaney  died in 1898.
Notes for Edward MacClellan Keys II  born July 1, 1885, died 1959 Tacoma, Washington
1917-1918 WWI draft registration Hoquium, Grays Harbor County, WA
salesman1920 Census Arkadelphia, AK
Living with father-in-law
1930 Census 1720 North Oaks, Tacoma, WA
Hubert Ellis, 12, nephew
Owned homre
Blasting powder salesman
1909 miner
1930 Census 1720 North Oaks, Tacoma, WA
Hubert Ellis, 12, nephew
Owned home
Blasting powder salesman
1953 502 N. E St., Tacoma, WA...

Notes for Robert A Keyes (William G. Keys, William Spring Hubbell Keys, Oliver) was born on Sep 14 1895. He died in Jul 1971 in Parsons Ks. This branch of the family spell their name KEYES. Robert married Ina Dell Dyson about 1917. Ina was born on Aug 16 1895 in Erie Ks. She died on Jun 17 1947 in Halstead Ks.
They had the following children:
i.  Keitha Kathleen Keys  was born in 1918.

Notes for: Cora Belle Keys  (John David Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born on Jul 25 1879. She died on Oct 6 1973. Cora married John S. Houser  on Sep 6 1899.
They had the following children:
i.  Genevieve Louis Houser  was born on Dec 6 1900. She died in Altoona Pa. Genevieve married Oscar R. Burkhart on Oct 17 1923. Oscar died in Altoona, Pa.
ii.  John Edgar Houser  was born on Jan 14 1906. He died in West Va.. John married Josephine O'Brien  on Aug 8 1929. Josephine died in West Va..
iii.  Cora Elizabeth Houser was born on Apr 8 1913.
Cora married (1) James E. Amchors  on Aug 12 1941.
Cora married (2) Robert E. Eiche  on Jul 9 1962 in Altoona, Pa.
Notes for:Dr. Edgar Hayden Keys Sr.  (John David(8)Keys, David Steele(7)Keys, Oliver(6)Keys) was born on Sep 3 1881 in Altoona, Blair Cty,Pennsylvania. He died on May 3 1967 in Quincy, Adams Cty, Illinois.Edgar married Elizabeth Jacque Rauh daughter of John Luther Rauh and Sophia Hanson on Aug 10/11 1912 in Hillsboro, Illinois. Elizabeth was born on Jan 7 1888 in Hannibal, Marion Cty, Missouri. She died on Dec 31 1938 in St. Louis, Missouri.
They had one child only:
i.  Dr. Edgar Hayden Keys Jr.  was born on Sep 3 1913. He died on Jan 3 2002. See notes

Notes for Dds. Edward Frasier Keys (George Washington Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born on Aug 15 1893 in Oberlin, Kansas. He was in France for 14 months as a 1st Lt.and fighter pilot during WW 1.Upon his return to the States, he was promoted to Captain and then a Major in the Reserves, also Regional Officer and Chief of the Dental Clinic in the Veterans Hospital at Fort Harrison, Montana.. He was married to Mary Jane Topp, at Oberlin, Kansas. Mary died.Their daughter Margaret E. Keys was born in Dwight ,Illinois while her father was doing dental work in a U. S. Veterans Hospital.
They had the following child:
i.  Margaret E. Keys  was born on Jul 19 1922 in Dwight, Illinois.
Notes for: Truman Benjamin Keys (Charles Nelson Asbury Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born on Aug 19 1891 in Edgerton, Pipestone, Minnesota. He died on Jun 4 1975 in Olympia, Thurston, Washington. Truman married Beaulah Elizabeth Meserve in 1916. Beaulah was born on Nov 24 1897 in Adams Cty, Quincy, Illinois. She died on Mar 22 1955 in Grant Cty., Smyrna, Washington.
They had the following children:
i.  Charles Truman Keys  was born on Feb 8 1918. See his notes below:
Notes for: Edward M. Keys (Edward. Mc Clellan Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born after 1880 in ? Alaska. Wife Louise--? Edward married Louise - in Tacoma, Washington.
They had the following children:
i.  Lt Edward Keys .
\ii.  Phillip Keys  was born about 1897. See Notes
iii.  Donald Keys . See Notes

Notes for Dr. Edgar Hayden Keys Jr. (Edgar Hayden(9)Keys Sr., John David(8)Keys, David Steele(7)Keys
Keys, Oliver Hayden Keys) was born on Sep 3 1913 in St. Louis, Missouri. He died on Jan 3 2002 in
Indianapolis, Marion Cty, Indiana. Edgar married Katherine Stuart daughter of Edward Cicero Stuart and Lucy Hocker Gentry .She was born on Sep 4 1913 in St. Louis County, Webster Groves,Missouri.
Edgar and Katherine had the following children:
 i.  Peter Hayden Keys  
ii. John Nicholas Keys John married Karen Ann Hesselbine
iii.  Elizabeth Stuart Keys  
Notes for: Charles Truman Keys  (Truman Benjamin Keys, Charles Nelson Asbury Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born on Feb 8 1918 in Winnett, Petroleum, Montana .
Charles married Marilyn Joyce Dibble   in Vancouver, Clark, Washington.  Spring City, Sanpete, Utah. She died on May 14 1977 in White Salmon, Klickitat, Washington.
They had the following children:
i.  Valerie Jean Keys  Valerie married Cary Craig George  in Oakland, Alameda, California.
Notes for: Phillip Keys  (Edward M. Keys, Edward. Mc Clellan Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver) was born about 1897.
Phillip had the following children:
i.  Phillip Mc Clellan Keys  was born in ? Port Hadlock Washington. Living at 80 Laurel St., Port Hadlock, Washington and has 3 sons. No other information.
Notes for: Donald Keys  (Edward M. Keys, Edward. Mc Clellan Keys, David Steele Keys, Oliver).Mining engineer in Calif. and Alaska.Donald married Lenore - . Lenore was born in Woodenville, Washington.
They had the following children
i.  Lenore Kobayashi Tatsuki . Residing, Woodenville, Washington.


                                                                                                                                End of Report


John Nicholas and Mrs. Karen Keys and Peter Hayden Keys and Mrs. Keys