Dr. Brian Hayden

I am an aquatic ecologist currently working with the Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory at University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. My research covers all trophic levels from zooplankton to aquatic mammals although primarily focused on fish. I am particularly interested in interactions between resident and invasive species, examining how the trophic ecology of invasives allows them to take hold in new environments and how resident species respond to the presence of a new competitor. I employ a variety of research techniques including field surveys stomach content and stable isotope analyses, geometric morphometrics and molecular genetics to investigate these topics and more….

Since 2014 I have served as Social Media Editor for the Fisheries Society of the British Isles. Follow us on Twitter @TheFSBI and Facebook, www.facebook.com/TheFSBI

Science Manager
Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Canadian Rivers Institute
University of New Brunswick

Email: Brian.Hayden@unb.ca

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Publications: A new special issue of Ecosphere "Biomarkers in Trophic Ecology" is now online


Media: I was interviewed by Radio Canada International to discuss our recent Ecology Letters paper, Ecology Under Lake Ice. Listen here

Course: The Survivor's Guide to Stable Isotope Ecology course will be held in Syracusa, Sicily, in April 2017. Full details here

Teaching: I'm giving a workshop in stable isotope ecology at the NoWPaS meeting in Quebec this June - places are still available!!

Publications: My first Canadian paper, a study of food web segregation in oligotrophic rivers, is published in Freshwater Science.

Publications: Results of some Arctic charr research I have collaborated on are published in 3 papers in Hydrobiologia.


Publications: New paper in PLoS ONE detailing intra-individual variation in isotope ratios of fish fin.

Collaborators and I will be hosting a special oral session "Biomarkers in Trophic Ecology - past, present and future perspectives" at the 100th ESA conference in August 2015.

Publications: New winter ecology paper examining the effects of fish density of specification competition accepted by Freshwater Biology.

Projects: My first Canadian research project will use C, N and H isotopes to identify the resource use and tropic position of sea lamprey ammocoetes in New Brunswick rivers.

Excited to start my new position with the Canadian Rivers Institute as Science Manager of SINLAB.

Publications: Winter ecology paper accepted by Journal of Animal Ecology. 

Publications: Two papers accepted this month in Journal of Fish Biology and Biology and Environment. I will post copies in publications once they are online

Research: I received a grant from NESCent to conduct a  data-mining project with the EOL. Further details here

Research: Delighted to be involved in a new project with Kimmo Kahilainen, assessing the impact of invasive fish species in Lapland

Funding: I recently received a travel grant from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles to attend next years the ISOECOL meeting in Perth, Australia. Looking forward to catching up with some old friends at the Australian Rivers Institute during the trip

Publications: Short paper out in Irish Naturalists Journal detailing the first recording of the Asian Clam in the River Shannon catchment.

Publications: Whitefish paper accepted by Ecology! Pre-print is now online, see link in publications

Publications: Early view of new otter paper now available. See publications. This research has been featured in the excellent A Dribble of Knowledge blog by Denise O'Meara

Lab news: Congratulations to JP Myllykangas, who received a well deserved honours mark for his masters thesis. Best of luck in your exams JP!

Publications: New Freshwater Biology paper now in print. See publications for more...