We had another great day this year - lots of good food and interesting classes.  We are leaving the 2014 seminar page intact so you can see what we do.  Our next seminar is scheduled for
October 17th, 2015!  We hope to see you there!

A variety of soups & salads will be served from 12:00 to 2:00, running simultaneously with several classes.

Yes! There is still such a thing as a free lunch – but please register by Oct 10th to help us plan!

Classes fill up fast!  Now Five Ways to Register:

Call 208-765-0150: Monday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tues thru Thurs 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

(or Email haydenlakefhc@gmail.com, or Mail Connie Godak, 2203 James Crowe, Hayden, ID 83835

Or just drop in at the FHC to register……

You can also register online at our website!   

(please note: the Rootstech and Webcast sessions run 60 minutes back to back.  Watch the time!)

FIRST SESSION – 10:00 to 10:50

  1.   Online American Digital Archives and Databases – Miriam J. Robbins

  2.   Photoshop Tools & Tutorial – Connie L. Godak

  3.   Daughters of the American Revolution – Everything You Need to Know – Louisa Durkin

  4.   A Simple Plan for Tracking Your Family History Treasures – Rafael Merrill

  5.   Rootstech 1: Beginning Guide to Going Paperless

SECOND SESSION – 11:00 to 11:50

  6.  Saving Family History and America’s Culture with the Written Word – Syd Albright

  7.  A New Look at Beginning Genealogy, Part 1 (continues next hour) – Donna Potter Phillips

  8.  Digital Scrapbooking – Donna Austin

  9.  Overview of Scottish Research -- Sandra Doutre

  10. Rootstech 2: Genealogy in the Cloud

THIRD SESSION – 12:00 to 12:50

  11.  Lunch Hour 1

  12. (continued) A New Look at Beginning Genealogy, Part 2 – Donna Potter Phillips

  13. Beginning Indexing, PLUS! – Sandra Doutre

  14. Solving Problems in FamilySearch Family Tree – Connie L. Godak

  15. Rootstech 3: From Chaos to CALM – Organizing digital photos for a life story project.

FOURTH SESSION – 1:00 to 1:50

  16.  Lunch Hour 2

  17.  The Marriage of Scanners with Adobe Acrobat and Stories of Their Offspring, Part 1 – Richard Dance

  18.  Presenting Kinpoint: A Whole New View! – Matt Brooks

  19.  Ten Hot Tips to Find Forgotten Grandmothers – Kimberly Morgan

  20.  Rootstech 4: Getting the Most Out of Ancestry.com

FIFTH SESSION – 2:00 to 3:00

 21.  DeedMapper: Reconstruct Your Ancestors’ Land – Kimberly Morgan

  22.  The Marriage of Scanners with Adobe Acrobat and Stories of Their Offspring, Part 2 – Richard Dance

  23.  Our Future Generation Is Waiting For Us To Share Our Stories With Them – Zooey Byram

  24.  Puzzilla, and Other Great Finding Aids – Connie L. Godak

  25.  There’s An App for That! – webcast from Mesa, Arizona Family History Center   



Donna Potter Phillps: President of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society & Frequent Contributor to  "Internet Genealogy"    Magazine

Miriam J. Robbins: Past Vice President & Team Blogger of Eastern Washington Genealogical Society; Genealogy Blogger 

Syd Albright: Kootenai County Historical Preservation Commissioner, and popular columnist for the CdA Press.  His historical articles in the Sunday paper bring the past to life!
Connie L. Godak: Genealogist & current Director of the Hayden Family History Center.  Connie is a popular speaker and writer.
Louisa St. John Durkin: DAR Registrar & Past President of the Kootenai County Genealogical Society

Matt Brooks: Matt Brooks is a seasoned software development engineer with over 25 years of experience in enterprise software products.  He has worked for Novell, Symantec, and Microsoft.  During his career, he has been granted 12 patents.  His spare time is spent with his family, doing family history research, and anything related to Disney.  KINPOINT mission: to provide innovative solutions for all ages, and to enable anyone to connect generations quickly and easily.  Using patented technologies, Kinpoint maximizes your family history efforts and helps you see genealogy in a different way.

 Zooey Byram:  Family History Consultant who enjoys helping patrons at the FHC, and enjoys her heirlooms and sharing their stories.

 Zooey is also a  gifted writer and an entertaining speaker.

Sandra Doutre: Sandy is one of our most experienced researchers, as well as being widely read and very knowledgeable, and much in demand.  She also serves as the Stake Director of Indexing in the Coeur d'Alene Stake of the LDS Church.
Donna Austin: FamilySearch Missionary, Experienced Enthusiast of Both Digital and Paper Scrapbooking.   She and her husband serve as family history consultants in their LDS ward.

Kimberly MorganWidely experienced in the fields of personal research and teaching. Kim holds both an MA and MA.Ed degree. Kim's career began as an English professor at Gonzaga University and NIC. At the age of 13, she recorded oral history from both her grandmothers, and so began the search for her ancestors and their stories. As an Adjunct Instructor at NIC, she will be teaching courses in 2014 on Creative Writing for Family Historians. She loves teaching and ancestral research and continues to offer free “Finding Your Ancestors” Workshops at Hayden Library. Her special interests are Colonial America and also Research Online with Digital Resources.

Richard Dance Richard Dance has had an interest in family history dating back to high school that started more seriously in college under the tutelage of Ben Bloxham. It was during this time that he wrote the life history of his grandfather W. W. Richards on an IBM Selectric II typewriter. Since then he has given a number of speeches on genealogical topics and technology. He provided a copy of all the life stories about his mother Jean R. Dance and her relatives at the family reunion in 2010 and is currently doing the same for his father, David O. Dance who passed away last year.

        Richard was the CDA Chamber of Commerce sponsored triathlete for the year and competed in the Hayden & CDA triathlons, plus supported his daughter and others in the CDA Ironman. 

        One of Richard’s passions is teaching and in a typical year he usually gives 24 major speeches using mind maps rather than PowerPoint as a more effective way to transmit knowledge. Richard has been on the cutting edge of technology for the past 40 years and contributed to the first all church technology conference in 2010. 

        Richard is currently a consultant for Acer Capital Group, Strategic Capital Partners, and Premium- Consultant LLC and provides tax mitigation work, entrepreneurial consulting and alternative investments to clients. 

        He is married to Julienne Hawkes from Pocatello, ID and they have 8 kids, 7 in-laws, and 16 grandchildren which takes technology to track and remember all the birthdays and significant events. He currently serves with his wife as the Regional Directors of Public Affairs for Northern Idaho.

Rafael Merrill: Rafael is an enthusiastic genealogist with trunks full of treasures!  His use of the program he will share has saved his sanity, and preserved his family history treasures.  He currently works for Bio-Life in Hayden.  He and his wife Julia have five children and two grandchildren. Currently he serves as President of the Young Men's group in his church.