The Hayden's of Brooklyn

The Journey of Patrick Henry Hayden - A.K.A. "The Old Devil"

The Hayden's came on a ship called the Perseverance.  They arrived on Dec 27, 1851, and came

from the Parish of Killaban, in the  Townland of Ruses,  in County Queens (today known as Laois),

Ireland.  The records of the Emigrant savings bank led me to their place of origin.   Below is the

manifest  for the Perseverance



The following is a survey report found in London about the Perseverance from March of 1849.



This is a map of County Laois.  The family came from the Townland of Rushes in the section known

as Slievmargue in the lower right hand section of the map.  QueensCountycolormap.pdf


The ship looks very majestic as it departs  from the  port of Dublin with the Custom House in the


This is a painting of the Perseverance


This picture gives us a glimpse of the cold hard reality of sea travel in the 1850's.  The voyage took

about eight weeks to sail across the Atlantic to New York.  They sailed during the late Fall and early

part of the Winter.  It must have been a very hard journey.

This is inside the Perseverance


This is the application of John Hayden to become a US Citizen.  It was made on October 23, 1852.

John Hayden and family lived at 91 Monroe Street. citizenship.pdf




 This was the first record I had of Patrick and his family.  My great-grandfather is Edward and is 

 only six years old.  Patrick's wife, Mary Ann "McKenna Hayden, would die a few months after this

 census was taken in late November(or early December).  The family lived at Court & Leonard

 Street (today known as Lorriane).   This is the US Census for 1870.  Patrick is at Line #9:

 Patrick Hayden w/1st wife & Family on the 1870 US Census


 In August of 1870, Ellen, who was the baby of the family, died.  Here is her death certificate.  I was

 able to track down their address (line #9 on the death certificate).  They lived at Court &

 Leonard Street Street (in the Red Hook section).  Leonord Street was changed to Lorriane Street

 after 1870 her  cause of death was Rubella (it's hard to make out).  Here is her death certificate:



  Ellen's death led me to find out that Mary Ann Hayden died a few months after Ellen.  I found

  this information on the burial plot records from Calvary.  She and her daughter were buried with

  members of her family - the McKenna's.  This is the burial plot record from Calvary:



 Patrick cooked up a scheme to double dip from the Brooklyn Savings Bank.  When Mary Ann died,

he went to the bank with her Mother and cleaned out the money in her savings account.  Right

after that, he decided to go back and see if he could get more money out again.  This is a court case

describing what he did:  hayden_v_bklyn-svgs-bnk.pdf


Patrick got himself into "trouble" a couple of times.  Read the newspaper accounts from the Brooklyn

Daily Eagle and New York Times:


Brooklyn Daily Eagle Article on Patrick - Dec91870.pdf

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Article on Patrick - Dec101870.pdf

Patrick liked to live on the edge.  Read the following from the New York Times:

New York Times Article on Patrick.  You have to scroll down a bit to read the info.  He seems to 

get involved a lot with guns: August71872.pdf

Here is a related article from The Evening Telegram:


Just three days later Patrick was involved in some more gun play:

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Article on Patrick - august101872.pdf

Patrick went to trial for shooting at Mr. Lynch.  He got off easy - again: 


Patrick was able to get himself out of trouble in August of 1875.  I'm not sure if he went to jail for

shooting at the woman in the previous article, but the District Attorney threw out many

indictments according to the following article from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Patrick is second to

last on the right hand side of the list.   He was a very lucky "Old Devil" in this case

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - August 2, 1875 - August 2, 1875



Patrick's first wife, Mary Ann McKenna Hayden died  Novemeber 29th of 1870.  He married a

woman named Catherine (I do not know her maiden name) sometime after her death.  The family

appears on the NY State Census in 1875.  They did not have any children of their own that I know 

of.  Patrick was also busy starting a new family.  As you'll see in the 1880 Census, he was fathering

children while still married to Catherine.  I don't know if she died or divorced him because of this. 

The family lived on Warren Street.  Here is the famiy (Located on Line #19) on the 1875 NY

State Census:



 By 1880, he is married to his third wife (Mary Healy), and has started a new family.  His first child

from this marriage was born while he was married to his second wife in 1873/74.  I guess he "got

around" a lot.  Here is the 1880 U.S. Census.  Patrick has, at this point, started to subtract some 

years from his age.  The family (Located at Line #17)lived at 298 Bond Street.

1880 US Census


The following is the NY State Census of 1892.  Patrick has started to use his middle name of Henry

as his first name (The 6th Name down).  He does this on the 1910 U.S. Census as well.

1892 Brooklyn Census


This is Patrick & Family on the 1900 US Census.  Notice that he and his wife had 14 children over

the years, but only 7 made it to adulthood.  The family (Line #79) lived at 223 Reid Avenue.

1900 US Census


This is the 1910 US Census.  Patrick would die a year later.  He uses "Henry" again as his first name.

The family ( Line #91) lived at 1083 Myrtle Avenue1910 US Census


This is Patrick's Death Certificate.  His third wife did not know the maiden name of Patrick's Mom,

so that information was left off.  She wrote that on the back page of the certificate.

Patrick's Death Certificate - front page

Patrick's Death Certificate - Back Page