All About Miniature Nubians

Obviously you have an interest in these floppy eared, friendly, social little milk maidens.  Here are some facts that make these mini diary goats a hands down winner.
  • Mini Nubians are a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf buck and a Nubian doe.
  • A Mini Nubian can produce about 2/3 the milk of a full size Nubian on about 1/2 the feed.
  • The Mini Nubian is a super milker, able to give about 1 quarts (2 pounds) to 1 1/4 gallons (10 pounds) of milk a day.  WOW!
  • Goats milk is easier to digest for youngsters.  It's delicious, nutritious - and you know what's in it!
  • Goat milk is the perfect ingredient for cheese, soaps and lotions.
  • The Mini Nubian is very friendly and is a great goat to have around kids (the two footed kind).
  • Mini Nubian does range in height from 20 - 28"
  • Mini Nubian bucks range in height from 22 - 30"
  • Mini Nubians are perfect, for mini farms!