Goats / Kids We've Sold

Here are a few pictures of some beautiful bucklings, doelings and does in milk that have found wonderful new homes.

Hay Babies Flower -

This is Flower (name change by our 6 year old daughter). Born on March 19th. Her dame is Franchesca, her sire is Montebellah's Domino. Very sweet, with beautiful markings and floppy ears. Flower will be a bottle baby, and we know how sweet they are.

Flower was retained for future breeding.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh

This is Sir Walter Raleigh. Born on February 25th, he is a beautiful 4th Generation Mini Nubian. His dame is Whispering Pines River and his sire is Montebellah's Domino.

Sir Walter Raleigh sold for $400.00

Hay Babies Ivy

This is Ivy. Born on February 15th, she was the first delivered to Isis. This photo was taken when Ivy was just a few hours old. She has beautiful ears, a very warm and sweet personality and beautiful markings.

Hay Babies Ivy sold for $250.00

Hay Babies Ida

This is Ida. Born on February 15th, she was the second to deliver. She was name after my Aunt Ida. Aunt Ida was loud, big and liked to drink. All three of these traits are shared with this little doe. My Aunt Ida was always the life of the party, and so is this cute little girl.

This photo of Ida was taken when she was just a few minutes old.

Hay Babies Ida sold for $250.00

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