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Hay Babies Farm

2016 Kids are here.  Go to our Facebook Page to see up to date pictures.

Hello, and welcome to Hay Babies Farm.   We are Greg and Robin Fenning, home schooling parents of 6 fantastic kids.  
Located in Bedford Virginia, Hay Babies Farm is a breeder of miniature nubian dairy goats.  We also make our own home-made goat milk lotions, soaps and goat milk cheeses, raise free range chickens (nothing better than a farm fresh egg), and there may be a pig or two in our future.
What started out as a couple of miniature goats to help with weed control, our love for these goats has now turned into an all-out PASSION!  Make sure you check out our selection of hand-made, home-made goat milk soaps and lotions.
Why Mini Nubians?  You won't find another breed out there that combines the small size, friendly personality and complete charm of these goats.  They are the all around package.  We breed our girls (AKA does or nannies) each fall.  Then, usually on the coldest day of winter, they all give birth.  Most of them we will sell.  *Hint - start thinking about starting your own herd!
Oh yeah, did we mention they are great milkers, with a wonderfully flavored milk.  Our girls are 
milked every day, and when milk production is running high they are milked twice a day.  It is this fresh milk that we use to make our Goat Milk Soaps.  

All of our goats are de-horned (disbudded).  We know that alot of people find this to be mean and cruel,  but if you are going to have small children around our goats, it's safer for everyone.  Also, there has been more than one goat out there that has decided "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" only to find themselves caught and unable to get their horns back through.  

Please explore our website, and check out the Goat Milk Soaps For Sale page.  They make great gifts anytime of the year.  

Here are a few pictures of our goats hanging out with us at a church christmas party.  Our goats are VERY socialized.

Here are some of our animals getting in the "Halloween" spirit.  "Princess Isis" won second place in the "Mid-Atlantic Dairy Goat" first annual soon to be a tradition, Halloween contest.  We were so proud.


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