Hayastan Boxing

Hayastan Boxing Club Eastbourne
Boxing is not about hurt. It is about discipline, fitness, respect and personal development. The sport is not elitist; it is accessible to all. In the rights hands it is capable of transcending cultural, racial and socio-economical barriers.

Hayastan Boxing Club has been established to offer the sports numerous benefits to the residents of Eastbourne and the  surrounding areas in a safe, nurture focussed framework supported by the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) and the local authorities.

Through affiliation with the ABA our members will have the opportunity to compete in the nationally recognised tournaments that can ultimately lead to Olympic selection.  Those who just want to keep fit, however, are equally as welcome.

So, whether you are a would be champion or are simply looking for a challenging, yet enjoyable, method of getting in shape, come along to one of our training sessions.

Hayastan Boxing Club Eastbourne
We hold three a week at the Sports & Social Club on the Eastbourne District General Hospital site. The only requirement is that you are older than 12 years of age. Our Head coach, Ashot Hovhannisyan, has extensive experience of amateur boxing. He won four national titles in his native Armenia and a junior USSR title.