I head the cyber security, analytics and defences division at Fraunhofer SIT. Before that I was a Claud Shannon research group leader, and earlier a postdoctoral researcher at 
European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC-SPRIDE) and CASED. I am the scientific co-leader of the Fraunhofer SIT cyber security research center at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem; more info on Fraunhofer SIT and activities is here

I am also active in raising awareness to cyber attacks and promoting defences and security mechanisms against attacks in different communities and forums. Within that effort, I am a representative for Fraunhofer SIT at the NIS platform WG3 of the European Commission and an IEEE cyber security ambassador. 

I am interested in all the aspects of systems and network security, and mainly focus on identifying vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure and services, and on designing defences. Here are some examples of the topics that I work on:
  • Security of Internet naming, addressing and routing systems.
  • TCP/IP security.
  • Secure channel protocols, such as IPsec and SSL/TLS.
  • Cloud security.
  • Web applications security.
  • Covert and side channels.
  • Privacy.
  • Denial/degradation of service attacks and defences.
  • Reverse engineering and software security.
  • Malware detection.

Countermeasures, against the vulnerabilities discovered within my research, were integrated into operating systems and Top-Level Domains (such as ORG).
I received a number of awards for my research, including, the Checkpoint award, ICANN fellowship, IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize, Microsoft Azure Research Award, and others (see cv for a 
full list). For more information about me see my bio and cv or check my linkedin profileFor information about my work see my recent publications, DBLP and scholar profiles.


Students interested in applied cyber security research in Darmstadt, can apply for pre-doc and post-doc positions at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT). We also hire research assistants, and engineers for research in cyber security. The description of some of the research projects with open positions is available here.
To apply for a position within the cyber security department at Fraunhofer SITfollow the instructions listed on the job description page.

Students interested in applying for positions in theoretical research (including cryptography, complexity, algorithms,...) should indicate "application for TUD" in the subject of the email.


I currently do not maintain this list of events, and hope to resume when I have more time...
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