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Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor Free App For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

App Description

Learn and Program BASIC Language on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! 

Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor is a compatible version of Commodore's version of Microsoft BASIC 6502 as found on the Commodore 64. 

Released for Educational purposes. 

BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is a computer language designed so that it can be learned very easily. 

Hand BASIC is basically useful for writing relatively small sized programs for repeatable calculations and/or logic. For instance it is better than using calculator and repeating same formula and logic for different numbers again and again to get results. Hand BASIC users could be students, scientists, or any productivity workers. 

Type HELP to get started!

It is strongly recommended to read FAQ's page.

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App Features 

+ Compatible with Commodore 64 BASIC V2 

+ It is not emulated, it runs with your device full speed 

+ The ability to LOAD/SAVE files (case sensitive file names) 

+ File I/O Support (Read/Write data files) 

+ Text Editor for your programs 

+ Provided with helpful Direct Mode Commands (nonstandard, see support webpage) 

+ In App Help (type HELP) 

+ Portrait/Landscape Views 

+ Supplied with Sample code (type FILES to see list). 

Now available through In-App Purchase: 

+ Graphics Extension: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects 

++ Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, ... 

++ Make animations **NEW** 

++ Use Graphics Macro Language (GML) to draw objects 

++ Define your colors with alpha channel (32bit color with transparency) 

++ Select your drawn text font face and size 

++ Interact with user taps **NEW** 

++ Enable you to run included Graphic Sample Programs(9 samples) 

To find more details type HELP then select Graphics Extension Reference 

To open Graphics Extension Purchase Screen: 


- Type: ACTION then select Purchase 

- Or, run a program that uses Graphics 

Make sure to see Support Webpage for important instructions like how to: list files, LOAD program, break program, restart BASIC, and many more... 

*** Credits go to Michael Steil and James Abbatiello *** 

Please Note: 

- This is not Commodore 64 emulator. It is “Standalone” BASIC of Commodore 64. 

- Basic knowledge of Commodore 64 BASIC V2 is needed to use this App. 

- While BASIC requires all commands to be capitalized (Lock Caps by double taping), commands will be automatically capitalized 

- Only ASCII characters are supported 

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Have Fun!