Welcome to the Hawk Ridge Homeowners Associate Web Site

Please address all concerns or questions to Matik Management. Please see the contact information at the bottom of this web page.

Emergency maintenance: If there is an emergency requiring immediate maintenance of a common element (for example a roof leak that is spilling water into the home) please call Matik at (507) 216-0064. During off hours and on holidays, there is a phone menu option for emergency call service who will take the information and page the on-call maintenance technician.

Emergency maintenance for items that are not common elements (i.e. the plumbing, heating or wiring inside your home) is the responsibility of the home owner and you will need to contact the plumber, electrician, etc. of your choice. Elected Board Members (Volunteers) are: 

President: Marty Cormack, Vice President: Cheryl Hasley, Treasurer: Eric Huntoon, Secretary: Sharon Canfield and Developer Representative: Matt Simon.

Owners may contact board members through Matik Management. The annual Association Board meeting is held at the end of September. Hawk Ridge is a community of 127 homes with expansion to 144. It includes a community center, exercise room, swimming pool and four private streets with guest parking areas and a private sprinkler system. The Hawk Ridge Association Board was formed in 2004. A copy of the Bylaws and the Declaration should have been transferred when you built or purchased your home. If not, you may request bylaws from Matik Management. There is a fee for printed copies but an email with an attachment can be sent at no charge. An online version of the Bylaws is available by clicking here and the Declaration by clicking here. Association Dues are $180.00 (as of January 1, 2019) paid directly to Matik Management. Owners have the option to set up automatic withdrawal for no additional charge, mail to Po Box 7317 Rochester, MN 55903 or drop off at our office at 3249 19th St NW. For additional information you can contact Matik at 507-216-0064 or office@matikmanagement.com. Some Banks require a Certificate of Property Insurance. Hawkridge Association is insured through North Risk Partners (formerly known as C.O. Brown Agency) in Rochester MN. A copy may be requested from Matik Management or directly from North Risk Partners. All Homeowners will be assigned one “Entry Card” for the pool and exercise room. If the card is misplaced we can deactivate that card and issue a replacement card for $25.00. Use of the Community Room is based on a reservation system. Contact Matik for any reservations at office@matikmanagement.com. The pool is not available for reservation. Please note : pool, exercise and community room requirements are posted at the entry or may be obtained from Matik. For safety and legal requirements no one under 16 is allowed in the pool without an adult parent or guardian in the pool area. Please see the complete pool rules below. Post office Box: You should have received a mail key upon purchasing your home. In the event they are misplaced – Matik does not have copies of mail keys so owners will need to contact the Rochester Post Office for a key or new lock. Cable TV, Phone and Internet are the individuals responsibility. Lawn mowing, trimming and snow removal is provided on timely and as needed basis. Snow Removal process:

  • Any snow falls over 2 inches is removed. If there is blowing and some areas are over two inches this will also be addressed.
  • Snow removal is not started until the snow has stopped. 
  • Nagel’s is NOT permitted to plow until the city has run through the city streets. 
  • If there is a vehicle in the driveway it will not be plowed and they will not come back to complete later. Owners must complete. 
  • Private streets are completed first, then driveways and clean up and sidewalks are always done after 4 p.m. 
  • There will be limited areas to push snow this year since there are fewer vacant lots. Owners should anticipate large piles in front lawns.
  • 2 to 4 inches of snow takes an estimated time of 6-8 hours to remove; 6 inches of snow or more can take significantly longer.
  • Sidewalks will be cleared last.
  • You may need to drive over the snow during a storm.
  • All vehicles need to be moved off streets and driveways, preferably into the garages when possible. The Declaration states that "Garages shall not be converted to other uses or used for storage or other purposes which would prevent the parking of two automobiles in the garage."
  • If you choose to remove snow from the roof with a roof rake, it is your responsibility to move the snow that comes off the roof.
  • Please wait as long as possible to put out the garbage bins during a storm. If Nagel's have to move the bins, that significantly slows the snow removal process.
  • Salting or sanding sidewalks or driveways would be the homeowner's responsibility.
  • In the event of excessive amounts of accumulated snow, the association may choose to close the boulevard sidewalks to allow snow storage. If that poses an undue burden for the mobility impaired, please let the Association Board know.
Lawn Care
  • All personal items such as hoses, plants, leashes, pet feces must be picked up off the lawns as to not hinder the mowing.
  • Trim is completed every other week unless unusually hot or dry and includes all trees and boxes. 
  • Small snow-removal caused divots and scrapes will be left; the grass will grow back. Large divots will be repaired in the spring.
  • Landscape rock that is moved during snow removal will be cleaned up in the spring.
  • Broad leaf weed control will be applied in the spring and the fall.
  • During the growing season, there will be three applications of lawn fertilizer.
  • If crabgrass gets out of control, the association will get a bid on a crabgrass control application.
  • If you allow dog droppings to remain on your lawn, it will NOT be mowed. Please promptly clean up after your dogs.
  • If you fail to clean up your lawn to allow mowing in a timely fashion, the association will hire someone to clean it up, and the homeowner will be assessed the cost of that service.

Garbage/trash pick up is provided MONDAY AM two containers maximum which are to be
kept inside the garage when not out for pick up. Small containers are available, please contact Matik. Sprinkler/irrigation system is activated in Spring and ended early Fall. In Spring remove anything that may hinder the sprinkler heads from operating. If your lawn is too wet please contact Matik who will contract GreenLawn for repair. Please also let Nagel's know of any irrigation issues. Replacement of roofs is something that is covered under the association dues paid for by each owner. The common spaces such as the pool, community room, lawns, snow removal and private streets are also covered under the association dues paid for by each owner. All other items (i.e. siding, concrete, windows, rock areas and doors) are the responsibility of each individual homeowner; however changes must be approved by the board. Landscaping of rocked areas and trees are to be maintained by homeowner this includes general trimming and weed care including removal and replacement of damaged or dead trees. Boulevard trees are the responsibility of the City. Landscaping requests such as planting of shrubs and trees are to be approved by the Association Board BEFORE any action is taken. Please contact them through Matik Management. Street parking is covered by Rochester City ordinances. i.e. 24 hour parking, no abandoned or for sale vehicles. Private streets parking have the same requirements as city. Temporary parking in guest area lots is available. No parking on grass area is allowed. Dog walking is permitted. You are required to adhere to the City Dog Leash Ordinance. Dogs must be under control, all feces must be picked up. (do not dispose of in community garbage cans). Please do not allow your pet to wander on other peoples property unless you have permission.

Resident's Guidelines:

Snow Removal:

Please make sure to move all vehicles for the snow removal to ensure the roadways can be as clear and safe as possible. Below are the requirements from the city ordinance.

During the winter it is up to each property owner to clear public sidewalks of snow and ice. Rochester City Ordinance 72.02 requires property owners with a public sidewalk to remove snow and ice within 24-hours after a snowfall. This is necessary to ensure the safety of people using the sidewalks during the winter. Please follow these DOs and DON'Ts:

  • DO:

    • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks and intersection handicap ramps abutting your property within 24-hours of snowfall ending.

    • Clear snow the width of the sidewalk. Remember that sidewalks are used by strollers and wheelchairs in the winter.

    • Remove ice to bare pavement or make as level as possible and treat with sand, sawdust or similar material.

    • Clear any snow that may be blocking a handicapped ramp, fire hydrant or catch basin.

  • DON'T:

    • Shovel or plow snow into the street: Violators caught shoveling snow from private property into the street will be fined.

    • Overexert yourself while shoveling: Excessive strain from the cold and hard labor may cause heart attacks.

Street Parking:

Rochester City Ordinances: Street Parking Prohibited for more than 24 hours for any reason.

Police will ticket vehicles and if not removed they will be impounded.

City Ordinance 134.21. Vehicles for Sale. No person shall place any vehicle on a street or alley to display the same for sale or exchange. A vehicle shall be deemed to be displayed in violation of this section when found standing upon a street or alley, and bearing a sign or other marking indicating that it is for sale or exchange.

City Ordinance 134.25. Restrictions on Primary Traffic Streets; Two-Way Streets. On two-way streets where the width of the roadway or the distance between the curbs is less than 30 feet, no person shall park any vehicle at any time except for the purpose of loading or unloading commodities, and such stops shall not be for a longer period of time than necessary to accomplish such purpose.

On two-way streets where the width of the roadway or the distance between the curbs is 30 feet or more but less than 36 feet, parking is prohibited on one side of such street and

no person shall park any vehicle on that side of such street on which the council has prohibited parking, except for the purpose of loading and unloading commodities, and such

stops shall not be for a longer period of time than necessary to accomplish such purpose.

Pet Control:

Obviously, it is required that you collect all animal feces that your pets deposit.

The City ordinance states that you must have control of your pet. either by leash or command.

Our guidelines are that you are not to allow your pets to wander on others' property unless you have their permission.

Our contracted lawn maintenance company will not mow your property if you have not removed your pet feces.

Owner responsibility:

Gutters and downspouts are owner’s responsibility

  • purpose to protect foundation

  • must match and can only extend to the edge of landscaping rock area adjacent to your property.

Put trash bins back same day; if windy try to take out as late as possible, place rock on top if possible to weigh down.


All landscaping changes/additions must go through the Association Board for approval BEFORE the work is begun. Please contact Matik to submit any requests.

Helpful hints:

  • All requests will be evaluated on the ease of mowing and snow removal as a primary criteria.

  • Please choose small trees with limited leaves. Location of trees must not impact snow storage and removal.

  • Privacy fences must be white, adjacent to concrete slab, must rest on rock/edging, and not on grass.

  • Nothing permanent on grass.

  • Nagel's will assist in marking where any edging should go and will assist in locating sprinklers.

  • Trees must be trimmed in a manner that facilitate ease of lawn care.

If items are not attended to in a timely manner or no attempt to resolve any repair is made, Hawk Ridge Association will take care of the Owner’s responsibility. The Homeowner will then be assessed the cost.

Pool Use and Pool Rules:

The following rules are set in place to ensure a pleasant, fun and safe pool environment and for the enjoyment of all Hawk Ridge residents and their guests. Please be friendly, neighborly and use common sense.

The pool is open daily, dawn to dusk.  The pool season typically runs from around Memorial Day weekend to around Labor Day, weather dependent.

  • The pool is not a public pool. Admission is limited to residents and their guests.  Guests must always be accompanied by a resident. Guest priority is given to residents’ short-term out-of-town guests.  Resident’s in-town guests are limited to no more than 4 and may not use the pool more than one day per week.

  • During the hottest weather when the pool is heavily used, please limit the number of your guests to 2.  

  • The pool is to remain open to all resident users; no private reservations are allowed.

  • No resident is to ever allow anyone into the pool that is not their guest and is not a resident.  Unaccompanied strangers using the pool can cause significant liability issues for the Homeowners Association and all the residents.

  • All children age 15 and under must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult resident or guest.

  • No one with an infectious disease or an open wound is allowed in the pool area.

  • Residents should check their email for pool season opening/closing notices or maintenance closure notices before using the pool.

  • Limited food and drink is allowed in the pool enclosure if kept and consumed no less than 10 feet from the pool.  All food and drink containers must be unbreakable and promptly disposed of. No glass, ceramic or breakable bottles, containers or dishes are allowed at any time.

  • Smoking or vaping is not permitted within the pool enclosure nor within 50 feet of the pool fencing.

  • No adult resident or guest who is supervising children in the pool may consume alcoholic beverages.

  • Any pool user who is intoxicated or disruptive to the pool users will be asked to leave.

  • No pets are allowed in the pool enclosure; certified guide or assistance animals are allowed, but not in the water.

  • Pool users must bathe before using the pool.  There is a shower available in the community center.

  • Running or jumping is not allowed on the pool deck.

  • The use of pool toys is allowed as long the use does not disturb other pool users.

  • Diapers are not allowed to be in the water; approved swim diapers are required.

  • Use of radios or other sound equipment is allowed as long as the volume is kept reasonable and does not disturb the pool users or nearby residents.

  • Pool users are kindly asked that if they move any furniture to return them to their original location when they leave.

  • The last resident when leaving the pool must ensure all the umbrellas are closed, the radio is put away and the bathroom key is returned to its hook inside the community center front door.