Ministry Shift

"Ministry" means to serve. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry—He came, not to receive service, but to give it. Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17.

"Shift" means to Launch, Adapt, Change, Innovate, Rebuild, Regenerate, Transform,

MINISTRY SHIFT: Hawkinsville Missionary Baptist Church was found in 1910 in a small home of Marry Kelly on the land where Volkswagon presides today because they saw need for ministry in that community. There was approximately 300 families. By 1920 the group had grown large enough to build a church on land donated by Eaton Hawkins.

MINISTRY SHIFT: 1941-1942 The church was uprooted when the federal government purchased the land where the church was located, as well as, the Tyner community. Residents were given only 15 days to vacate the area and seek housing elsewhere. The government needed land to build the Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant, (known as TNT).

MINISTRY SHIFT: Among those affected were 11 black families who decided to remain together and rebuild their community elsewhere. Butler and Pressie Frazier purchased a 40-acre tract between Gunbarrel and Jenkins Roads, close to the Silverdale Detention Center.

MINISTRY SHIFT: Built a new church on Pinewood Road. Using one plow and a mule, men, women and children cleared trees and underbrush for a 40-foot road running from Jenkins to Gunbarrel roads, now 7463 Pinewood Road. Working day and night, using lanterns and automobile headlights, the families began clearing their own tracts and building homes. The women joined the men in sawing timber, making mortar and laying stone.

MINISTRY SHIFT: In 1951, the Min-Tom Home relocated to Hawkinsville. Built on 30 acres of donated land, the home fronted the newly built Min-Tom Road. The home for orphaned and neglected black children was originally located in Alton Park. the Min-Tom Home had 21 children in residence when it burned in 1951. It was rebuilt and re-opened in 1953.

MINISTRY SHIFT: Annexed into Chattanooga in 1972 . Roughly between Shallowford Road and Bonny Oaks, and from Interstate 75 to Chickamauga Creek off Airport Road.

In 1987, the largest shopping mall Hamilton Place Mall opens. 4 miles from the Hawkinsville.

In 2011, Volkswagon opens. 4 miles from the Hawkinsville. 2,500 employees.

in 2012, Amazon. 4 miles from the Hawkinsville. 2,000 and 2,500 full-time employees