Oh my gosh! Look! You made it! Welcome the the Hawkingnet Hub, home of all the in-world goodies related to A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing. On this site you can find write-ups about the ships, technology, and organizations in the webcomic. This site is basically my own personal reference so I can try and keep myself straight on what happens in the comic, but feel free to look around and spot check me on stuff I screw up! Also feel free to call me out on it, because I am nothing if not appreciative of other detail-oriented nerds like myself!

Up above (or behind that hamburger button if you're on a mobile device or have your browser window, like... really small) you'll find the pages for the rest of the site. Check that out if you'd just like to browse a handy list of articles. You can send me comments (contact@starfarersguide.com) with your feedback. There's a chance that at some point I'll need help keeping this place updated, and the people I'm most likely to ask would be those showing some interest in what goes on here. And if you've managed to stumble across this site without reading the comic... Wow! Welcome! I'm impressed. Please do check out the comic.