Papers to be reviewed and considered for presentation at the Hawaii Women in Higher Education Conference, should be relevant to the focus of the conference – women (teachers and students) in higher education in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands, Polynesia, and the Pacific Islands.


The topics in HWHE include but are not limited to the following areas:   

·      Who Are the Women in Higher Education in Hawaii?

·      How Do Women Learn?

·      Becoming a Leader in Higher Education.

·      Increasing Women Students Graduation and Retention

·      Attracting Women Back to College

·      Cultural Trends in Womens Education

·      Entrepreneurship in Womens Higher Education

·      Teach teachers how to teach and use parents as partners

·      Women & e-learning

·      Teacher Education

·      Technology in Education

·      Music Education 

·      Indigenous Education

·      Higher Education

·      Home Education

·      ESL/TESL

·      E-Society

·      E-Learning

·      Leadership

·      Administration Educational Foundations

·      Distance Education

·      Business Education

·      Art Education

·      Adult Education

·      Academic Advising and Counseling

·      Second life Educators in Higher Education

·      Education

·      Educating Enterprising Homemakers




To present a paper at the Hawaii Women in Higher Education Conference, an abstract of the proposed paper must be submitted. Papers for the program are selected based on the abstract.

Also use this form to request a place on the program for panel discussions, forums, technical subcommittee meetings, or any other special event that may not have a prepared paper.

The deadline for submitting the abstract is MARCH 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please call the Conference Manager, 808-277-6510 or send us e-mail at





A brief abstract of 100-175 words must be submitted on the form provided below. If possible, develop the abstract by addressing the major aspects of your paper as described below.

Description of the paper: summarize the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based.

Application: describe the possible application of knowledge provided in the paper to a particular area of higher education. If the paper describes a case history point out the general value to be gained from the work


Guidelines for Authors


Carefully review this document! Authors should note that a manuscript for inclusion in the 2012 Hawaii Women in Higher Education Conference journal is required for each paper accepted for presentation at the conference.

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts is APRIL 15, 2015:
All papers submitted for the conference journal will be peer reviewed. If your abstract has been accepted you are required to pass the peer review in order to be accepted for the conference program.

The Conference Committee will base its initial review solely on the basis of the information submitted in the abstract, therefore it is very important that you take the necessary time to fully develop a coherent and concise abstract.

Any expenses incurred by authors for travel, lodging, food, meeting registration fees, or other incidental expenses are solely the responsibilities of the authors.


Preparing Manuscripts



Authors of all papers for the conference will be notified by e-mail about the status of their submissions.

An English language manuscript is required for each paper selected for the meeting. The manuscript, including tables, figures, and references, should preferably not exceed 5,000 words. Papers must meet a 3,500 word minimum criteria. If selected, the paper will be included in the Hawaii Women in Higher Education Conference Journal for the meeting. You must provide high-quality copies of any figures or tables (preferably 300 dpi if in electronic format). Illegible illustrations will not be used. All papers must be submitted using APA style formatting and citations.

We use Microsoft Word for Windows, Google Docs and Adobe PDF. All files must be PC-compatible - No exceptions.

If your abstract is accepted, you should carefully examine, review, spell check and grammar check the document. All submissions must be error free. An electronic copy of the manuscript, including all illustrations, and a signed and notarized publications agreement must be received at
HWHE@pacificwomenscollege.org  before the specified dates above.

In addition to the written paper, a PowerPoint slide presentation is required (this is due by APRIL 15, 2015).  The presentation should be one hour in duration (45 minutes for the presentation; 15 minutes maximum for questions).


Evaluation of Your Abstract


The following guidelines are observed by the Conference Committee when initially selecting papers.

§  The paper must not have been published or circulated previously--this includes publication in periodicals or other professional journals.

§  The paper should contain new knowledge or experience in some field of higher education

§  The paper must be grammatically correct and should be of interest to a reasonable number of people working in higher education. It may be theoretical or may present the results of studies, or it may state or analyze a problem. The paper may also be a review-type paper, but it must be of significant value to the educational field it addresses.

§  You need to get company or institutional clearance before you submit the abstract. Prospective authors should provide information on any clearance problems when the abstract is submitted.

Theoretical papers and application papers presenting solutions to problems will be selected from various fields. Program time is limited, so when weighing its decision, the Conference Committee will emphasize the quality of the contribution and its value to higher education.


Commercialism and Copyrights


Commercialism: while it is appropriate at times to mention commercial trade names, language that is commercial in tone must not be used. Using such terms in an abstract may result in a negative review by the Conference Committee. Excessive commercialism in the text of papers submitted for the meeting and the Conference Journal is cause for removal of the paper from the program.

Copyright: The Hawaii Women in Education Conference Journal is published in the United States. Therefore, in accordance with US copyright laws, HWHE must receive and maintain on file a notarized publications agreement, signed by all authors of the papers. Government employees must also submit a publications agreement form to guarantee that the paper is an original work, but the form need not be notarized, and submittal of the form by government employees does not transfer copyright to HWHE if the paper were prepared in the course of government employment. For authors in countries where there are no notaries, you must include a publications agreement that includes the signature of a witness who verifies your signature.