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2013-14 In-club Photo Contests

Winners of In-club Photo Contests

November 2013 theme: Favorite Image.  Winner Susan Miyasaka "Dongchuan Sunrise."
January 2014 theme: Black & White.  Co-Winner: Mary Bowman-Dement "Hillside with snow barriers and spring flowers in Switzerland".
January 2014 theme: Black & White: Co-Winner Susan Miyasaka "Tree Beams".
February 2014 theme: Infra-Red.  Winner: Nancy Chaney "Infra-red Fish".
March 2014 theme: Food.  Winner: Mary Bowman-Dement "Home-grown Rambutan".
April 2014 theme: Architecture.  Winner Steve Bohlert "Hapuna Prince."
May 2014 theme: Long Exposure.  Winner: "Orion Nebula and Running Man" by Raymond Lara. 
June 2014 theme: The Road Home.  Winner Susan Miyasaka "Trail into the Mist."
July 2014 theme: Three.  Winner Raymond Lara "Triangle."
August 2014 theme: Flower.  Winner Mary Bowman-Dement "Sunflower".
September 2014 theme: Reflections.  Winner Ray Lara "Reflections."
October 2014 theme: Animals.  Winner Ken Jackson "Tropical Fish."
November 2014 theme: Rocks.  Winner Susan Miyasaka "Palette Springs."
December 2014 theme: 3x3 collage.  Winner Steve Bohlert "Leaves."

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