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2017 Photo Contest Winners and Challengers

September 2017 Photo Contest winner with theme "People"
"Senior Sunset" by Cathy Stevens.  
Copyright 2017 by C. Stevens.

August 2017 Photo Contest winner with theme "Eyes"
"Eyes of the `Io" by Pauline Matayoshi.  Copyright 20117 by P. Matayoshi.

July 2017 Photo Contest winner with theme "Summertime"
Copyright 2017 N. Chaney
"Into the Zone" by Nancy Chaney.  Copyright 2017 by N. Chaney.

June 2017 Challenge Theme: "Wall Art"
"Palani Road Mural" by Cathy Stevens; "Lady with Fishes" by Tamara Brown; and "Tokushima Castle Walls" by Susan Miyasaka.  Copyright 2017 by C. Stevens, T. Brown, and S.C. Miyasaka.

May 2017 Contest Theme: "Animals (non-human)"
Christina Bjornen's image "Mouflon Ram" won the May 2017 photo contest with theme of "Animal (non-human)".  
Copyright 2017 by C. Bjornen.

April 2017 Contest Theme: "Happy Place"
Mary Bowman-DeMent wins April 2017 photo contest with her image "Happy Place."  Copyright 2017 M. Bowman-DeMent.

March 2017 Contest Theme: "Sunrise"
Pauline Matayoshi wins March 2017 photo contest with theme "Sunrise" with her image entitled "Driftwood Beach, Georgia at Sunrise."  Copyright 2017 P. Matayoshi.

February 2017 Challenge: "One Small Part of a Big World"
"Red Flower" by Lee Schechtman; "White Tree Nymph" by Susan Miyasaka; "On my own" by Nancy Chaney; "Where am I? I'm lost" by Ray Lara.  Copyright 2017 L. Schechtman, S.C. Miyasaka, N. Chaney, and R. Lara.

January 2017 Challenge: "Lava shots from 2016"
"Leading Edge" by Lee Schechtman; "Kamokuna Ocean Entry" by Randi Schneider' and "Pele in Action: Up Close & Personal" by Tamara Brown.  
Copyright 2017 by L. Schechtman, R. Schneider, and T. Brown.