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2017 Photo Contest Winners and Challengers

March 2017 Contest Theme: "Sunrise"
Pauline Matayoshi wins March 2017 photo contest with theme "Sunrise" with her image entitled "Driftwood Beach, Georgia at Sunrise."

February 2017 Challenge: "One Small Part of a Big World"
"Red Flower" by Lee Schechtman; "White Tree Nymph" by Susan Miyasaka; "On my own" by Nancy Chaney; "Where am I? I'm lost" by Ray Lara.  Copyright 2017 L. Schechtman, S.C. Miyasaka, N. Chaney, and R. Lara.

January 2017 Challenge: "Lava shots from 2016"
"Leading Edge" by Lee Schechtman; "Kamokuna Ocean Entry" by Randi Schneider' and "Pele in Action: Up Close & Personal" by Tamara Brown.  
Copyright 2017 by L. Schechtman, R. Schneider, and T. Brown.