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2016 Photo Contest Winners and Challengers

December 2016 Challengers were Mary Bowman-DeMent with "Nachi Falls"; Lee Schechtman with "Tiger, Cinncinati zoo"; "Untitled" by Susan Litteral; Ken Jackson with "Honolulu Aquarium 209"; and Susan Miyasaka with "San Diego Dawn".

November 2016 Challengers for "Images that Tell a Story" were Susan Miyasaka with "Horse on Pier".

Mary Bowman-DeMent wins October 2016 contest: "Night Photography" with her image "Starry Night in Friendship, Maine." Copyright 2015 by M. Bowman DeMent.

Ken Jackson wins September 2016 contest "Astrophotography" with his image "The Milky Way and a Passing Plane."
Copyright by K. Jackson.
Nikon D700, MF55mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor lens, 6.0s@f2.8

Lee Schechtman wins August 2016 contest: Panoramas with his image "Reed's Bay". Copyright 2016 by L. Schecthman.

July 2016 contest: Making, not Taking Photographs

Susan Miyasaka wins July 2016 "Making, Not Taking Photographs" with her series of three images entitled "Driftwood Sunrise".  Copyright 2016 by S.C. Miyasaka.

Most Creative May 2016

May 2016 "Most Creative" challengers were Steve Bohlert with "Untitled", Susan Miyasaka with "Branches framing water", and Ken Jackson with "Hapu`u".  Copyright 2016 by S. bohlert, S.C. Miyasaka, and K. Jackson, respectively.

Tamara Brown wins April in-club photo contest with theme: "Looking Up."  "Fish-eye View at A-Bay" by Tamara Brown.  Copyright 2016 by Tamara Brown.

March Challenge: "Looking down"

Challengers participating in March 2016 theme of "Looking down": "Nellie the Goat" by Gala Lirette; "Wai-o-Tapu Walkway" by Susan Miyasaka; "Raindrops on Leaves" by Lee Schechtman; and "Ti" by Steve Bohlert.  Copyright 2016 by G. Lirette, S.C. Miyasaka, L. Schechtman, and S. Bohlert, respectively.

February 2016: Minimalist Color

Challengers participating in February 2016 theme of Minimalist color: Susan Litteral "Blue neon silversword", Lee Schechtman "Orchid", Susan Miyasaka "Black Tree Fern", Tamara Brown "Hibiscus", Jim Lindenmuth "Lizard", Gala Lirette "Red Firetruck Balloon", and Steve Bohlert "Black and White Night." Copyright 2016 by each photographer.

 Lee Schechtman wins January 2016 contest with theme of Minimalist.

"Flower Bud" by Lee Schechtman.  Copyright 2016 by L. Schechtman.