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2015 Photo Contest Winners

2015 winners of in-club photo contests

Here are the winners of the friendly in-club photo contests for 2015.

January 2015 theme of Red: "Red" by Steve Bohlert. 
February 2015 theme of Repetition: "Behind door number 3" by Mary Bowman-Dement.
March 2015 theme of Waves: "Wavelets" by Pauline Matayoshi and "Waiuli Waves" by Susan Miyasaka.
April 2015 theme of In the Garden: "Love my Toes" by Mary Bowman-Dement.
May 2015 theme of Still Life: "Blossoms and Leaves" by Ken Jackson.
June 2015 theme of Life in Motion: "Fish" by Nancy Chaney.
July 2015 theme of Shadows: "Shadows" by Mike Breitwish, Sr.
August-September 2015 theme of Creative Lighting: "Reflections in a Bubble" by Pauline Matayoshi
October 2015 theme of Water in Black & White: "Laupahoehoe Point" by Ken Jackson.
November 2015 theme of Insects & other Arthropods: "Monarch caterpillar" by Pauline Matayoshi.
December 2015 theme of Inanimate Faces: "Green Rock Face" by Lee Schechtman and Mr. Electric is a Happy Guy" by Susan Litteral.

Copyright 2015 by each photographer.