Our Nest

Here's our new home in Kailua, Hawaii. We're finally all moved in!

Paint colors:
Main - Behr Harvest Brown
Trim - Behr Swiss Coffee

yes, I hate those above-ground electrical wires too, but not much I can do about that :(

At night:

Need to do:
- paint front door a dark red
- add black exterior window shutters
- paint retaining wall same color as house: DONE
- put black fence on retaining wall
- buy and put in mailbox: DONE
- lots of landscaping!

First Floor
Living Room
Dining Room
1/2 bathroom

Living Room
Paint color: RL Haystack (matched by Behr)

Idea board:

Update 4/28/09: Curtains (from BB&B) are up and some furniture is in

Our sliding doors - just two curtain panels. The wall on the right is where the TV will be mounted.
Not sure what that smudge is, but it's not on the wall. Must be on my camera.

Update 4/3/09: Wood floors are in!

Paint color: RL Haystack (matched by Behr)
Cabinets by Showplace

Update 4/15/09: Countertops are in!

"Uba Tuba" granite

Closeup of the cabinets w/crown moulding

Second Floor

Master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet
Laundry Room
Kids'/Guest Bathroom
Jaeden's Bedroom
Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Paint color: RL Dovecoat (matched by Behr)

Idea board:

Update 4/28/09: Carpet, curtains (from Target), and some furniture is in!

Master Bathroom
Paint color: RL Dovecoat (matched by Behr)

Update 4/28/09: Vanity is done, shower doors are in

yeah, I wasn't really expecting the shower doors to look like this -
my contractor told me they would be frameless... oh well.

Update 4/15/09: Countertops are in

"Black Galaxy" granite countertop

yes, that's a vessel sink - I can't help it, I love them!

Update 4/3/09: Tile is in!

Still need to put in the mosaic tile for the shower floor

Closeup of tile

Closeup of glass tile band

This is where the double sink vanity will go

The jacuzzi tub

Laundry Room
Paint color: Behr Gobi Desert

Update 4/15/09: Countertop and sink are in

"White Diamond" granite countertop

Update 3/25/09: Cabinet and washer & dryer are in

Kids'/Guest Bathroom
Paint color: Behr Celery Sprig
- white 3" x 6" subway tile from Home Depot

Update 4/15/09: Countertop and sink are in

White quartz countertop

I know, the countertop is huge... any ideas what to put on there?

Update 3/25/09: Vanity light is in (from HD)

We will be putting in this shower curtain - I love it!

Wall art in this bathroom: printing some of Jaeden's bath pics and framing them with white frames and mats w/silver trim.

Jaeden's Bedroom
Paint color: RL Lisbon Blue (matched by Behr)

Love this bedding:

Update 3/25/09: Closet doors are in!

Jaeden's enjoying his brand new room!

Guest Bedroom
Paint color: Behr Gobi Desert

Idea board:

Update 4/28/09: Carpet, curtains, and ceiling fan are in!