Hawaii Kinneys

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Site set up by Georgia Kinney Bopp who has been working with Auntie Rubellite because of the Kinney Surname Y-DNA Project.  Georgia does not descend from William 1832 but her Kinney Y-DNA line matches the Y-DNA of the Kinney Ohana line - that means we share an unknown Kinney ancestor back in time (probably back in the 1600s).  Tom Bopp (Georgia's husband) has a site with some documents associated with William Kinney (1832 NS-1915 HI) at:

One 3rd generation line:
Ernest Kaipoleimanu Kinney 1906 Kaua'i, HI - 1987 Honolulu, HIErnest, son of Kiha (William Kihapi'ilani ) 1868, and grandson of William 1832. This is Auntie Rubellite's father
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More links of interest that are not on this site you are reading now:
Some documents associated with William Kinney (1832 NS-1915 HI) are at:
Rubellite Kawena Kinney Johnson
Her ancestry is 1/2  Native Hawaiian,  1/4  Portuguese  - Azores, 1/8  Chinese, 1/8  North American  (the Kinney, etc. Massachusetts- Nova Scotia lines)
William Ansel Kinney 1860 (son of William 1832)
Kinney Surname Y-DNA Project - From Warren, brother of Auntie Rubellite
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Kinney Ohana - 
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    and related Facebook pages started by Yolanda
    Kailua Kealohanui of Kauai
    Gardner from Hana and Kauai
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Nova Scotia Kinney, Letteney, Redden, Sabean, Warne, Doty, Prime, Mullen
Relatives of the Kenney's of the states and Kinney's of Nova Scotia and beyond. Just a place to share pictures, stories & family. This site is by invitation only.(They did not respond to my - GKB - request.)
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Some Databases 
Erin Kinney Lindsey  - maintains a Kinney database on PAF.  She is not on Facebook.  GKB has her email.  She's not an active "web" person. .
Kathy Pearse is included in the below link: 
 Photo notes   A few notes from some Facebook photos (not complete)