Programming H-Bridge

  1. You can use the full MPLAB or the stand alone "PICkit3 Stand Alone Programmer App".  For this tutorial, we'll keep it simple and just use the stand alone app.
    Download at bottom of page here: PICkit3 Stand Alone Programmer App
  2. It's a zip file.  Unzip and install the only file in the zip folder named "PICkit3 Setup A.exe"
    (You may have downloaded a newer version, so the name may be a bit different)

  3. Plug the PICkit3 into a USB port and connect to H-Bridge board.  Plug it in correctly.
  4. Open application.
  5. Select device "16F690"
  6. Check the "On" box for target power and set voltage to 5.0.
  7. Go to File->Import Hex
    Use this file here:H_Bridge_20111128.hex
    (it will show the file you selected in the "Source" area of the application window)
  8. Click the "Write" button.  The application will erase the device, program, and then verify.
  9. DONE.  Your H-Bridge is now ready to use.
Eric Warmbier,
Nov 28, 2011, 10:44 PM