Highlights from BIRR Competitions

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Click on the link below to watch a video of the 2011 BIRR
Hawaii 24/7 - Baron Sekiya - Underwater Robotics Competition

What are ROVs?

Remotely Operated Vehicles - These vehicles are operated by pilots via a tether to their control panel.  The pilots maneuver their custom designed and fabricated ROV to achieve their mission requirements.  Students strategically mount underwater cameras onto their vehicle as their only means of visual contact of seeing their objectives.

The Mission

Each year MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) Center specifies a mission based on a real-life situation or research program.  This year the competition theme is centered around the offshore gas and oil industry.   Mission props are constructed to simulate certain objectives and the teams battle against time in scoring points by trying to accomplish as many objectives as possible.  Teams are also scored on a oral engineering evaluation, poster presentation and a detailed technical documentation.

11th Annual -   2012 MATE International  ROV Competition

Schools and universities from around the world will be converging at,Orlando, Florida to compete in this coming year's event.   The final date is yet to be determined, usually around mid June.  For more information visit the MATE ROV Competition site.

What are we trying to accomplish

• Increase the awareness and visibility of marine technical fields, educational  
  and career opportunities, and potential employers.
• Help students develop the skills necessary to enter careers in technical
  fields. These skills include the ability to work as a team, problem solve, think
  critically, troubleshoot, communicate effectively, and manage projects.
• Connect students and educators with employers and working professionals.
  Working professionals have the opportunity to share their knowledge and
  experience as team mentors, complementing what students are learning in
  the classroom. Employers have the opportunity to evaluate students as
  potential employees. Students have the opportunity to explore potential
• Increase students understanding of undersea world and the role that ROVs 
   play in exploration and underwater technology.