Ori Reyes thought there was nothing left for him in Hawaii. A former Army Ranger, his di
shonorable discharge turned him into the family disgrace, and his childhood best friend Kalani never could love him back—not the way Ori needed to be loved—even before Kalani’s doctors declared him to be in an unrecoverable coma. Ori may have failed to protect Kalani from the beating that put him in a hospital bed, but he won’t fail him again, not now that Kalani’s overtaxed aunt wants to pull the plug. Ori’s return to Hawaii seems fated to be a depressing reminder of every chance he never took and every mistake he can never put right... until Kalani himself impossibly shows up to welcome Ori home.

Even though Kalani’s body is bedridden and non-responsive, his homeless spirit is free to roam, and it turns out it’s not just Ori who had regrets and unspoken yearnings. Kalani can still feel and savor all the pleasures of this world, and he’s eager to take this chance and prove it to Ori. Tenuously reunited, the pair must solve the mystery of Kalani’s unlucky life, sorting through years of dark family history and even journeying to the ancient Hawaiian ghostworld. For Ori, taking on Hawaii’s monstrous ghost-guardians is easier than facing the hardest choice of all: that he might have to put Kalani to rest.