Havyaka Association Mission Statement

The association shall initiate, cultivate and support cultural and traditional values of Havyakas. 

The Association shall promote friendship, tolerance, and mutual understanding among the members, between the members and with other communities.

The Association shall promote Vedic Heritage of the Havyakas and promote ties with National and International Associations with similar interests.

The Association shall actively encourage the members to preserve and promote the valuable Havyaka traditions such as

(a)        Cultural and religious Harmony

(b)            Peaceful co-existence

(c)            Learning of Vedic Scriptures, studying and following Vedic ways of life.

(d)            Activities that promote self-development.

(e)        Strive to achieve all round excellence in life.

The Association shall try to raise funds on a voluntary basis and contribute funds to worthy causes including educational, cultural, spiritual and non-profit organizational activities in the US and abroad.