Havyakas Helping  the Needy:

Please send your donations to:

                                                  Anand Hegde, 70 Magnolia Way, North Heledon, NJ 07508


 Request from Ram Bhat:

Please, insert the mailing address of HAA Treasurer Mr. Anand Hegde on the Havyaka Web site on a prominent place.  Make an appeal to each family to donate at least $50 per year to the Charity to be decided by the HAA. Also please add a format as to how to send the donation through HAA to a charitable non-profit organization in India or anywhere in the world.

 I have attached an example.  You and Anand Hegde can modify and put in the website.

 Ram Bhat


Example Letter:


The Treasurer Havyaka Association of the Americas

70 Magnolia Way North Haledon NJ 07508.

Subject: Donation

Dear Anand,

I have enclosed a check of $200 payable to Havyaka Association of the America (HAA).  for the “Suvarna Mahotsava Samiti Pragati Vidylaya Muror Kumta” on behalf of Dr. Halakr family Kumta.  Please send a HAA check of $200 payable to Suvarna Mahotsava Samiti Pragati Vidylaya Muror Kumta” to the address given below:  Mr. G. S. Hegde

Pragati Vidylaya Muror Kumta Uttar Kannada District, Karnataka 581343 India.  I request you to attach this letter to Mr. G. S. Hegde Pragati Vidylaya Muror Kumta along with the HAA check of $200.

I thank you for managing the treasurer post of HAA very efficiently.


                                                                          Ramachandra K. Bhat