Lessons and Training

Lessons are available for those who own their own horse or need a school horse.  The riders are started in a private lesson so to learn the system - Mollie, the school horses and the barn.  Riders are expected to learn the ability to bring their horse in from the paddock or stall, groom and tack them up.  After the lessons they will learn to cool the horses out, groom them, put the tack away and return the horses to their paddock or stall.  The goal for the riders is to learn to ride with confidence  and respect for the unique partnership with a horse.  Basics are taught that allow the riders to build their skills for basic riding, the hunter ring or jumper ring.  Beginners are encouraged to challenge themselves while remaining within the safety net of Mollie's 35 years of experience teaching.

The Haven show riders are at the top of their divisions at the shows and in year end awards.  

Training rides are available as needed.