Welcome to the MISTA (Medical Information and Signal, Theory and Application) Lab. 


Some current clinical projects 

1. Sleep dynamics and apnea prediction based on class IV equipment  
2. Fetal ECG analysis, including the waveform analysis and heart rate variability analysis
3. ECG waveform analysis, like the f-wave analysis for the Af prognosis.
4. Anesthesia depth, noxious stimulation quantification, and procedure sedation analysis based on the multichannel patient monitor signals
5. ICU physiological signal analysis and its clinical applications, like the weaning prediction, based on the multichannel physiological signal analysis.

Some current projects on the mathematical and statistical foundation of data analysis techniques

1. Heat kernel of the connection Laplacian and the embedding properties via its eigen-vector fields
2. Asymptotical analysis of locally linear embedding, its variation for different machine learning challenges, and its connection with different statistical problems.
3. Alternating diffusion and its connection with differential geometry and sensor fusion problems.
4. Mathematical and statistical foundation of the nonlinear time-frequency analysis, like synchrosqueezing transform, concentration of frequency and time (ConceFT) and de-shape short time Fourier transform. Particularly the connection with the manifold learning.
5. Mathematical and statistical foundation of the Blaschke decomposition and its variations, and its application to time series analysis.
6. Mathematical and statistical foundation of high dimensional noise impact on different machine learning algorithms

(more detail will be added soon...)


Hau-tieng Wu, PI 

Chen-Yun Lin, Postdoctoral researcher (joint with Ingrid Daubechies)

Amit Bermanis, Postdoctoral researcher 

Nan Wu, PhD student (joint with Alexander Nabutovsky)

Matt Sourisseau, PhD student (joint with Mary Pugh)

John Malik, PhD student

Chao Shen, PhD student

Yao Lu, undergraduate student