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Hau-tieng Wu, M.D., Ph.D. (吳浩榳)

I am now an assistant professor in Mathematics department at University of Toronto.

I will be an associate professor in Mathematics department at Duke University with a joint appointment in the Department of Statistical Science, starting from July 1, 2017. 
I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Research Interest (To be updated ....coming soon)

My research interests range from mathematical study to data analysis -- I focus on analyzing big/massive datasets by applying proper mathematical tools/theorems. More specifically I have being working on, and will continue to be interested in the following topics:
  • the analysis of massive datasets by applying differential geometry and algebraic topology;
  • the analysis of time series by applying harmonic analysis and random process;
  • the probabilistic and statistical analysis of the applied methods; 
  • the mathematical foundation of the applied methods.
My main application field is medicine. In the medical field I work on the following problems: anesthesia/sedation/sleep analysis based on different physiological signals, breathing/heart rate variation analysis and coupling effect, weaning prediction, ECG waveform analysis like fetal ECG analysis and f-wave analysis, seasonality analysis of diseases, etc. I also put effort into bio-medical imaging analysis.

Teaching (To be updated ....)

2016 Fall: MAT1841HF Mathematics of massive data analysis: fundamentals and applications

Time: Monday 1pm - 4pm (Start from 9/12)

Location: Bahen 6180


2016 Fall: MAT221 Applied linear algebra

Time: Tuesday 3pm-4pm and Thursday 3pm-5pm (Start from 9/13)

Location: SS1069 at Sidney Smith Hall


Academic activity



Ph.D., Mathematics, Princeton University, 2006-2011

        Thesis: Adaptive analysis of complex data sets [Download]        

        Advisor: Ingrid Daubechies

M.D., National Yang-Ming University, 1996-2003


hauwu (AT) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu

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