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Hau-tieng Wu, M.D., Ph.D. (吳浩榳)

I am now an associate professor in Mathematics department at Duke University with a joint appointment in the Department of Statistical Science.

I am also an adjunct associate professor in Mathematics department at University of Toronto, starting from July 1, 2017. 
I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

*** Look for students (all levels) from math, medicine, statistics, CS, EE, etc,
who are interested in developing modern medical AI systems based on mathematical and 
medical knowledge.

Research Interest (To be updated ....coming soon)

My research interests range from mathematical study to data analysis -- I focus on analyzing big/massive datasets by applying proper mathematical tools/theorems. More specifically I have being working on, and will continue to be interested in the following topics:
  • the analysis of massive datasets by applying differential geometry and algebraic topology;
  • the analysis of time series by applying harmonic analysis and random process;
  • the probabilistic and statistical analysis of the applied methods; 
  • the mathematical foundation of the applied methods.
My main application field is medicine. In the medical field I work on the following problems: anesthesia/sedation/sleep analysis based on different physiological signals, breathing/heart rate variation analysis and coupling effect, weaning prediction, ECG waveform analysis like fetal ECG analysis and f-wave analysis, seasonality analysis of diseases, etc. I also put effort into bio-medical imaging analysis.

Teaching (To be updated ....)

2016 Fall: MAT1841HF Mathematics of massive data analysis: fundamentals and applications

Time: Monday 1pm - 4pm (Start from 9/12)

Location: Bahen 6180


2016 Fall: MAT221 Applied linear algebra

Time: Tuesday 3pm-4pm and Thursday 3pm-5pm (Start from 9/13)

Location: SS1069 at Sidney Smith Hall


Academic activity



Ph.D., Mathematics, Princeton University, 2006-2011

        Thesis: Adaptive analysis of complex data sets [Download]        

        Advisor: Ingrid Daubechies

M.D., National Yang-Ming University, 1996-2003


hauwu (AT) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu

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