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The legends, lore, and ghost tales of Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, Schuylkill & York counties. 

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OLD FRANKLIN COUNTY JAIL (Chambersburg, Franklin County)  The jail opened in 1818, and was in use until 2006, when it shut down completely.  It's one of the few buildings that the rebs didn't torch during their Civil War visit, and it's on the National Register of Historic Places.  Its spooks are seven inmates that committed suicide within its walls; a sensitive even got a couple names of the shades, Frank and Thaddeus.  She also saw the spirit of a black man shackled in chains, assumed to be a runaway slave that was recaptured.  If you want to check out the old bones yourself, the building hosts a Halloween haunted house called "Terror Behind Bars" - how apt.  (Waynesboro Record-Journal "Terror Awaits Visitors To Old Jail," October 2, 2008)

OLD STATE ROAD MURDER (Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County) It's said that an old man was murdered by contractors he hired to fix up his home.  They hung him in the attic, and the rope they used is still supposed to be hanging there. The house has a piano that plays itself as you walk by the outside of the home.  It's also alleged that the woman that bought the house afterward was possessed by the ghost of the old man.  Old State Road generally follows Route 34, but we'd sure as heck avoid it if we could. The Shadowlands

OLD YORK COUNTY COURTHOUSE (York, York County) This 1840 building was spiffed up by the taxpayers and is now the county's Administrative Center.  In 1928, the Old Courthouse had its' moment in the sun when it held the attention of the world during the Hex Murder trial. (see Rehmeyer's Hollow.)  It's said that two spooks haunt its' halls.  One is a judge that floats between his old chambers, Courtrooms 1 & 2.  The other is a prisoner that committed suicide in the basement cells before he faced trial.  His spirit is reported to be down there yet.  Maybe the judge is still waiting to try him.  Another person has claimed to have seen a blue human figure inside the building.  (York Daily Record "City Of York's Own Ghost Whisperer," October 1, 2006)

OLD YORK COUNTY JAIL (York, York County) The old York County Jail was actually two prisons in one.  The 1905 edifice was attached to the original 1853 prison, connected by a narrow passageway.  It's alleged to have had all the amenities of an old time jail - hangings, torture, suicide, and murders in the cell block all took place there.  It's said that when you climb the steps to the original cell block that a small posse of ghosts follow you up the stairs. The cells have a balcony around them and the center is open.  Visitors who look down on the cells have claimed to see a red light, like a glowing cigarette, moving along the block. One prisoner stole a horse and tried to escape.  He was caught and tortured on the steps of the Christ Lutheran Church.  His restless spirit supposedly still roams the area. The newer building is now the Alexander Goode school, and the older prison structure in the back is up for sale. The Shadowlands 

OLEV SHALOM CEMETERY (Granville Twp., Mifflin County) The small orthodox Jewish cemetery, located on Ridge Road, was founded in 1940.  It's said that screams and moans can be heard from the graves whenever German is spoken in the boneyard; sometimes you can hear the wailing without a word of sprechen Deutsche. The Shadowlands

OYSTER MILL PLAYHOUSE (Camp Hill, Cumberland County) The building that is home to the playhouse was originally a farmhouse, and the ghosts of a couple who lived there have stayed on. They enjoy watching performances and have their own seats, the left and right end seats in the top row. When they are occupied during rehearsal or auditions, the ghosts will sometimes begin tapping to show their displeasure.The playhouse is haunted by six spirits: The farmhouse couple, a little girl who loves to play in the costume racks upstairs, an angry mill worker (who presumably died in a fire), a vanishing little girl in the upstairs of the theater who has blonde hair with a bow in it, wearing a long blue dress, and a mystery man. The Patriot News: "Midstate Haunts" by Julia Hatmaker.

PEDDLER'S GRAVE (Mahanoy City, Schulykill County) The Peddler's Grave is a landmark recalling a brutal murder committed there on August 11, 1797, the first recorded killing in the county.  It's the final resting place for Jost Folhaber, a local traveling peddler killed by a robber, Benjamin Bailey, who was later captured and hung. The peddler was buried under the tree where he met his untimely end. The grass withered and never grew again,and the snow which fell to a great depth all around the spot would melt at once as it fell about the tree. Passer-bys saw strange sights, and one young man, reported that he had seen the peddler, whom he had known well in life, running around the tree pursued by a man with an axe, reliving the crime. So dreaded was the spot that no one ventured to pass the grave if they could avoid it, and there were rumors of moans and cries in that vicinity, heard near and wide. Now it's a popular tourista spot; go figure.  The story was taken verbatim from Old Schuylkill Tales, written by Ella Zerbey Elliott in 1906.

PENN COMMON (York, York County) Penn Common, also called York Square, has a handful or more of spooks haunting its' fields. The first ghostly group came compliments of General Mad Anthony Wayne.  Some say he had a band of deserters arrested (others say they were plotters after Wayne's life.)  Whichever, the gang was put in front of a military tribunal and seven were sentenced to death.  It's said that Wayne marched them from prison to the Square himself, where they were shot one at a time.  As an extra twist, Wayne had their fellow troopers do the deed rather than a squad of strangers.  It's said at least three ringleaders still haunt the Common, and who knows - maybe all seven are still there.  Ghosts look so alike. The next pair come from the Civil War.  Penn Common housed a field hospital that treated 14,000 wounded troops.  It's said that the spooks of a surgeon and a nurse from then can still be spotted in the area. (York Daily Record "More York Ghost Tours," October 21, 2007; "York's Haunted Past," October 14, 2006 & "1776-1789," September 14, 2006)

PEACH MOUNTAIN (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) The legend says that a young woman was murdered on Peach Mountain. If you visit the spot of the crime at midnight and shut off your car, her ghost will appear. (Pottstown Republican & Evening Herald "Ghostly Stories Provide Intrigue," January 25, 2002)

PENN STATE - HARRISBURG (Middletown, Dauphin County) It's said that the 2002 housing complex was built over an old sewage facility and ghostly trashmen can be seen, accompanied by the smell of raw sewage.  Actually, the students should be haunted by military brats, as the complex was built on the former site of Meade Heights, an Air Force housing community.  We'd check for a leaking pipe instead of a stinky spook if we lived there. The Shadowlands 

PENN STATE - MONT ALTO (Mont Alto, Franklin County) Founded in Micheaux State Forest in 1903, the school was originally the Pennsylvania State Forest Academy.  It merged with Penn State in 1929, and it was such an unpopular match at the time that the forestry students hung two state legislators in effigy and many left the school.  But they've kissed and made up since, and now it's the oldest campus outside of State College in the Penn State system.

  • Mont Alto Hall:These dorms have a room that's spooked by the ghost of a girl that was accidentally electrocuted.  It's said that her spirit is accompanied by a strong electrical smoke smell. 
  • Wiestling Hall:The hall is now the student center of Penn State at Mont Alto.  It was built in 1803 as the home of ironmaster Colonel George Weistling who ran an area iron furnace.  The top floor has never been renovated, and can only be reached by two hidden entrances on the second story.  There are lots of stories associated with the place.  First, the Colonel himself is still supposed to haunt the hall.  He's known to bang on doors, followed by disembodied footsteps.  He's also blamed for the occasional poltergeist prank.  It's said that if you take a look at the class of 1908's photo, you'll see a shadowy figure posing with the group.  It's widely assumed to be the Colonel.  Sarah Matheny was shot by her boyfriend (some taste she had in men!) in 1911.  The cad, William Reed, said he had only meant to scare her.  After he shot her, he dragged her up to the attic and left her to die.  He was hung, and her ghost is still haunting the attic. 

References taken from The Daily Collegian "Spectral Spectacles Frequent Mont Alto Campus," October 31, 1994.

PENN STATE SCHUYLKILL (Schulykill Haven, Schuylkill County) Starting out in Pottsville in 1934, PSS moved to Schuylkill Haven in 1967, taking over a former county poor farm. Some of the indigent and insane remain (and we're not talkin' the guys at the Friday night kegger, either!):

  • Cilleti Library: This is the newest building, put up in 1994 after a $1M capital campaign.  But while the bricks may be fresh, the books are old.  Some of the tomes were once housed in the former morgue (the basement of the Classroom Building, which was a library before it became a computer center) and it seems as if a few of the ghosts in the morgue  moved with them. On the second floor of the library, in the far back on the right is a little study room. If you sit in the study room while its empty you can hear voices talking about the general state of the asylum. Ah, the good ol' days!
  • The Classroom Building: it was built in 1913 as a dorm for the mentally disturbed and debtors living at the old County farm. The attic of the classroom building is the home of a ghost of a little girl. The asylum has no record of her, but many people who venture into the attic have reported seeing her apparition. The basement was once the morgue; now it's a computer lab (and it's hard to tell the difference!) Late at night, ghostly figures will walk through the room and spook anyone working late on a project.
  • Nittany II Apartments: Built in 1987, the rooms are still being cared for by a veteran presence.  A ghost identified as one of the original caretakers of the asylum walks around the dorms, keeping an eye on everything  and everyone.
  • Storage Barns: A couple of converted barns are used to store student beds and dorm stuff.  The areas are known for their "Ghost Lights" that float through the buildings at night - and the caretaker that haunts Nittany II has been spotted on the grounds, too.

Take a quick tour of Penn State Schuylkill.

(The stories were gathered by Nicolle from Yahoo Weird PA)

PETE'S CAFE (New Cumberland, Cumberland County) Pete's is said to be home to some playful spooks that are especially attracted to shiny objects.  So watch out if you're wearing sparkling earrings or bracelets to dinner there.  You may be find your ear or wrist getting tugged at all night long. There's also a brother and sister set of ghosts haunting the joint, Melody and Peter, according to investigator Kelly Weaver. (Spirit Society of PA Apparitions "Musings Of A Ghost Adventurer," November 2007)

PIONEER CEMETERY (Pandemonium, Perry County) Pioneer Cemetery is an overgrown and forgotten graveyard that is located in the ghost town of Pandemonium. The residents were mostly farmers or workers for a tannery who were wiped out by a small pox epidemic. Voices are reported coming from the graveyard. There's also a tale of one grave that was inadvertently dug outside Pioneer's fence, and the spirit causes poltergeist phenomena trying to get into the cemetery proper. The lore is capped by Sadie, a small girl's apparition who wanders the area in search of her mother and playmates, and whose stone has disappeared from the cemetery. Strange USA

PURPLE LIGHT BRIDGE (Elizabethtown, Lancaster County) There's an old stone railroad bridge where Turnpike Road intersects with High Street.  It's haunted by the spook of a young boy that was killed by a train there.  Late at night, you can hear an approaching train and spot a purple light floating along the trackbed that's supposed to be the boy's spirit.  Strange USA

RAILROAD HOUSE RESTAURANT/B&B (Marietta, Lancaster County) The Railroad House was built in the early 1820s to service the river traffic from the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal.  It thrived even when the Canal closed because of the railroad business brought in by the Pennsylvania Standard RR.  But even it couldn't withstand the depression and the flood of 1936, and it sat vacant after the flood until the 1960s.  It was restored to its' former glory beginning in 1989, spooks and all.  Thomas Scott, an old owner, is said to be heard walking around the building and its' grounds.  There's the flirt Anne, who likes to spook the gentlemen visitors.  She's only seen by single men, and the legend is she's still on the prowl for a sugar daddy.  Others have seen an older lady in a rocker at one of the cottages, knitting.  A shadow figure has been spotted at the bar.  A little blonde girl in a Victorian outfit has been reportedly seen in the kitchen and on the stairs.  Banging sounds have come from Room #6 - when it was empty.  There's also the usual phenomena of cold spots and unexplained sounds, like the reports of typewriting.  People have even said that unseen spooks have hopped into bed with them, and several times guests have spotted a man sitting at the foot of their bed.  Paranormal investigators have caught voices on tape and orbs with their cameras.  PA Researchers

RAUSCH GAP (Rausch Gap, Lebanon County) Rausch Gap is now a ghost town on Hotel Road.  One man there had the job of throwing the train switches for the long gone train line that ran past the mining patch.  The man died, and while in mourning, the wife forgot to go and throw the switch.  It led to a terrible train accident that claimed many lives.  It's said the victims are buried in a mass grave, unmarked and forgotten, in the woods behind a local cemetery. There was talk of lynching the wife for neglecting the family duty, but she saved them the trouble and threw herself in front of a speeding train.  It's reported that if you approach the rail bed where she killed herself, the temperature drops by 25 degrees and a feeling of heaviness weighs down on the area.  It's said that you will see her ghost, holding a lantern, looking for her train.  And if you see her, turn around and get out of there pronto.  If she sees you first, she'll run at and straight through you.  And according to legend, when that happens it means that you'll meet your fate in an accident that will leave you looking as if you were hit by a train. The Shadowlands 

REHMEYER'S HOLLOW (Shrewsbury, York County) Also known as Hex Hollow, this was the site of the infamous 1928 Pow Wow murder of Nelson Rehmeyer. The short story is that Rehmeyer was a self proclaimed Pennsylvania Dutch witch doctor, and John Blymire thought he was working his voodoo on him.  With two accomplices, he went to Rehmeyer's home and killed him, effectively ending one hex and starting another, compliments of the Pennsylvania court system.  He got life for his crime. The Hex Murder was the trail of the era, and probably as close to a witchcraft trial as the state had in three or four hundred years.  The Hex House just became a museum in what's now called Spring Hollow Park.  It's said that if you are in the area, you may see the faces of people that have died in the Hollow floating about.  It's also said that you can't get back to the main road from the same road you came in on. They become a maze when you're by the Rehmeyer house. The book Hex by Arthur Lewis was written about the murder. Rehmeyer's Hollow 

RENFREW SISTERS (Waynesboro, Franklin County) Young Jane and Sarah Renfrew were washing clothes in Antietam Creek in 1763 when they were set upon by a pair of Indians, killed, and scalped.  The legend says that the townsfolk were so outraged that they trailed the Delawares 40 miles, killed them, and returned to Waynesboro with both the girl's and the Indian's scalps for the funeral.  The ghost of the girls, complete with bloody heads, has been reported from Renfrew Park, where they were killed and their old farm and unmarked hillside graves are located. The Shadowlands

REST HAVEN (Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County) Rest Haven is the county nursing home for Schuylkill. One of its' buildings dates back to 1912, and features a mob of spooks.  The first is a minister in a long black frock who's been spotting walking behind people at the home.  Another is a little girl that paces the halls and then disappears.  There's also the devil boy, as he's known.  He's a mischievous imp-like creature. Many of the people who live and work there have reported seeing a black shrouded figure floating through the halls and speaking to those who are marked to die,  and it's said that whenever someone in the building dies, all the doors slam shut at that moment. The county is considering selling the old building.  We wonder if they've told the buyers that they may be getting a little more than they bargained for?  Strange USA

REXMONT INN (Rexmont, Lebanon County) Built in 1875 as the residence of banker Cyrus Rex, he lived there with his niece Susan Amanda. The Susan Amanda room is allegedly haunted.  A visitor reported that she felt someone sitting on her bed.  When she turned to see who it was, the shadowy figure rose and stood at the foot of the bed.  There's been poltergeist events in the sitting room and upstairs area.  A shimmering figure has been seen where the entrance to the torn-down building tower once was. There's even some controversy about who the spooks are.  Some say its' Susan Amanda that's been seen sashaying around in a gown and others think it's Rex.  He was a cross dresser, and we won't get into his sex life, but it was supposedly just as interesting.  So keep your eyes open if you ever stay overnight - you might meet Cyrus, Susan, or maybe both.  And they may be dressed in the same outfit. Phillyburbs

RIVER INN (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) There's a ghost on the 3rd floor and apparently, it's none too friendly.  The Inn's maids are afraid to work on that floor because of the eerie occurrences.  It's also said that you can sometimes smell fried chicken and cigarette smoke in the hallway, and hear disembodied footsteps stomping around.  The River Inn at last look now goes under the name of The Finkk Restaurant and Lounge, and is on Route 61 if you want a single on the 3rd floor.  PA Legends

ROCK FORD PLANTATION (Lancaster, Lancaster County) Edward Hand was a doctor, soldier, and politician during the Revolution.  After the war, he bought Rock Ford Plantation a mile south of Lancaster and built his mansion in 1794. The house is a museum today.  But before that, it was a residence that no one would live in because of the eerie events that took place in it.  Hand's son is believed to have committed suicide there in 1809, and has reportedly been haunting the home ever since and causing all sorts of poltergeist phenomena.  But some think the Edward Hand himself may be the spook in the mansion. PIRA

ST JAMES GRAVEYARD (Lancaster, Lancaster County) Founded in 1744, St. James Episcopal Graveyard is the final resting place for many of America's more noted figures. Among the apparitions known to locals here are former President James Buchanan and his sweetheart, who are apparently quite attached to St. James, where Ann Colman's father is buried. Physics have also reported a woman in Victorian-style clothing, a grey dress with white frilly lace sticking out from the bottom, and buckled boots, hair up in a bun, pointing to the tiny gravesite of a child named "Ellie." She said "this is my little girl." On-Line Buzzletter

SEVEN ELIZABETHS (Middletown, Cumberland County) There are seven stones in the Old German Lutheran Burial Ground (we think; LC's double-checking) marked with just an "E."  That would be the final resting places for seven witches, all named Elizabeth, who were executed and buried there, and said to haunt their plots. Double, double toil and trouble... Shadowlands

SEVEN GATES TO HELL (Hallam, York County) The urban legend says that there was once a mental institution in the woods of York County.  It caught on fire, and many patients died while others scattered throughout the woods.  It was said that the local search parties beat or shot several of the escaped inmates to death because they feared their reputation as madmen.  It's reported that their tortured spirits still roam the woods.  As for the gates, there are supposed to be seven actual gates that lead to the foundation of the burnt asylum.  Each one subjects you to ever greater physical & psychological pains as you pass through them.  It's said that no one has ever gotten past the fifth one.  The seventh is supposed to be a direct portal to hell.  It's located off of Toad Road, which isn't on any map.  Some people say that's the name of the asylum's driveway.  Others say its' a local nickname for Trout Run Road or Mary Street.  At any rate, the hordes of teen ghost hunters have caused so much damage that the gates, fences and buildings have all been torn down by the current owners, save the first gate.  Another problem is that no one can seem to verify that a mental institution was ever there.  Many people believe it's just an old private residence.  C'est la vie. The wrecking ball has sent another urban legend crashing down. Release Me  

JACOB SMITH'S GHOST (Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County) In the late 1800's, boat building was a major occupation along the Schuylkill Canal.  But minutes before a launch, a worker named Jacob Smith fell into the waters and never came up.  The launch continued on schedule, and the boat almost capsized.  Nothing more was made of the incident until 25 years later, when kids playing at Quarry Point spotted a spook.  Other folks took notice of the ghost, too, and even the ragamuffin youths stayed inside; they all knew it was Smith, and no one wanted to tangle with a distraught spirit.  We can't tell you if Smith is still around now or has gone to the light; the story was written up first in 1912 and passed on by the Coal Region History Chronicle.

SOLDIERS AND SAILORS PARK (Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County) In the back of the park by the plaque on Memorial Field, people have reported seeing the ghost of a young boy by the woods.  His head is twisted, and it's thought he was the victim of a fatal fall from a jungle gym in the park playground.  The park has since removed the jungle gym; better late than never. The Shadowlands

SOUNDS THE IRON KETTLE (Camp Hill, Cumberland County) The restaurant is haunted by two spirits.  One is a bride, whose presence is felt as soon as you walk into the place, accompanied by a sense of sadness.  Guess that wedding didn't work out too well.  The other is Charles.  He's a spook that just loves trains.  In fact, if you're sitting down to dinner and hear a "choo-choo" sound come out of nowhere, don't worry.  It's just Charles introducing himself.  The spooks don't show themselves, but they've been captured as orbs in various photographs.  Strange USA 

SOVEREIGN MAJESTIC THEATER (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) The theater opened in 1910 as a movie house.  It shut its' doors in 1930, only to find new life as a Farmer's Market in 1939.  It served that purpose until 1995.  After years of fundraising, it's now a performing arts venue for Schuylkill County culture lovers. That no doubt gladdens the heart of its' resident spook, an elderly lady that's been spotted roaming the balcony.  It's been a long time between buttered popcorns and showtimes for her lonely spirit. Main Line Paranormal 

STATELINE METHODIST PARSONAGE HOUSE (State Line, Franklin County) The United Brethern in Christ Church was founded in Middleberg (now State Line) in 1843.  So it's had plenty of time to accumulate some spooks.  They show themselves as black images in the parsonage.  It's also said that the folk that live in the house are subject to inexplicable illnesses, a cacophony of unexplained sounds, and poltergeist pranks such as locking doors.  The Shadowlands

STRAND CAPITOL THEATER (York, York County) The Strand Capitol Theater is a combination of five buildings, including the old Capitol Theater.  The Capitol is where the spooks show up.  People could smell the cigar smoke of a long-time theater stagehand in the projection booth long after he shuffled off this mortal coil.  Alas, his stogie chomping days seemed to have ended when the theater was renovated.  We guess he finally moved on to the Big Movie House in the Sky when the theater became smoke-free.  But the voice of a lady can still be heard coming from the seats - when they're empty. (York Daily Record "City of York's Own Ghost Whisperer," October 1, 2006)

STRASBURG CEMETERY (Strasburg, Lancaster County) This cemetery was founded in 1866 and is famous for the legends of Augusta and a couple of Annies.  First there's Augusta Bittner, who died in childbirth in the late 19th century.  She has a large statue of the Virgin Mary as her memorial stone, and it's reported that the statue cries actual tears.  It's said that it weeps for Augusta's child, who is not buried with her.  There's Laughing Annie, the spook of a young girl, who's been heard running and giggling throughout the graveyard. Finally there's Annie Gonder (see Gonder Mansion) whose tomb is on the far left of the Gonder family plot and facing opposite the other graves. It seems the family, led by sister-in-law Mary, decided to turn their collective backs on Annie in death after shunning her in life because she was insane. Annie doesn't share the feeling; it's been said that her shade visits the grave sites of her family members. (Associated Content "Spooky Fun In Lancaster County," October 1, 2007)  CHIPS Paranormal

TAMAQUA ELKS (Tamaqua, Schuylkill County) The Tamaqua Elks Lodge 592 is housed in a converted apartment house.  It's said to be haunted by the spirits of two people that committed suicide in the building while it was apartments, along with voices and poltergeist activity.  The Pocono Paranormal team investigated, and got a voice that said "Love You" on tape, along with several orb pictures. The club is mentioned in Dan Asfar's Ghost Stories Of Pennsylvania book. Pocono Paranormal 

TAMAQUA TRAIN DEPOT (Tamaqua, Schuylkill County) Built in 1873 to replace a burned out station, the depot served the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad stop up until 1961.  After sitting abandoned for two decades, preservationists have the building up and running.  The spooks enjoy their new company.   In 1878, the station was an overnight warehouse for the bodies of six hung Molly Maguires, including their leader, Black Jack Kehoe, before they were transported home for burial.  They were packed in ice and stored in the waiting room.  It's said they've never left.  There are all kind of poltergeist activities there.  Electrical devices malfunction.  Disembodied voices are heard.  There are cold spots, spectral lights, and photographs of orbs.   Psychics and ghost hunters have found spirit activity to be rampant, but haven't put a finger on just who the spirits belong to yet.  But they do have one bit of chilling evidence.  In response to a psychic's questioning, one spectral voice was caught on tape asking "Can you help me?"  That's a tough one to answer.  Tracy Rasmussen

THREE BABES IN THE WOODS (South Mountain, Cumberland County) In 1934 the bodies of three young girls were found wrapped in a blanket in the woods of South Mountain.  They were suffocated by their step father, who later killed himself and his wife.  It's thought that his reasoning was that it was less cruel to kill the children than have them slowly starve to death.  Didn't the guy ever hear of a soup kitchen?  It's said that if you're by the spot of their murder at night that you can hear the children crying for their mother. The Shadowlands 

TUMBLING RUN MONSTER (Lower Tumbling Run Dam, Schuylkill County) The lower dam was built in 1833 and provides a reservoir for Schuylkill Haven.  In its earlier years, it was a popular tourist draw with cabins and piers for the fishing crowd. The catch they wanted to make was of the Tumbling Run Monster.  It's a 15' long snake like creature, sort of a mini-Nessie, and was reported many times by locals. No one's caught it yet, with either a net or a camera, and it can be added to the urban legend category. (Pottstown Republican & Evening Herald "Ghostly Stories Provide Intrigue," January 25, 2002)

WEST PERRY HIGH SCHOOL (Elliottsburg, Perry County) The tale goes that one summer, while getting the school ready to open, a janitor fell through a window he was cleaning and died. The window was in room 118, and it's said that you can sometimes hear the squeak of a squeegee, the shattering of a window and a man's screams while in the room.  The spook of the janitor has reportedly been seen in both the room and the halls of WPHS. The Shadowlands 

WHEATLAND (Lancaster, Lancaster County) Wheatland was the home of president James Buchanan, Pennsylvania's only White House resident.  He bought it in 1848, retired there in 1861, and died there in 1868. But he didn't let that stop him from enjoying his retirement years in the home. There have been reports of knockings, and his ghost has been seen still roaming Wheatland. He's also a major player in the haunting of Inn 422, testified to by the prominent display of Anne Coleman's portrait over his mantel. In The 00's 

WHITE DOGS LEGEND (Oriental, Perry County) Old Davy Knouse lived on a rutted dirt road deep in the woods. When he was driving home one night, he was surrounded by a spectral pack of white hounds.  They jumped on his car's roof and hood, and then vanished as quickly as they appeared.  Hunters claim to have encountered the same pack of ghost dogs during the full moon. The hounds only show up when a person's alone.  If you want to meet the nice doggies, they like to congregate by the culvert at the dump by the old Davy Knouse house. Drive by alone if you dare.  Davy's long gone, but the dogs that haunted him and his woods are still around. Liverpool Stories

WHITE LADY OF POND BANK (Pond Bank, Franklin County) A young mother drowned herself and her child here in the early 1900s according to legend.  It's said that you can see her glowing white form roaming the area to this day searching for her child.  One story claims that in 2002, she stepped in front of a car, causing an accident. The cops that came to investigate didn't buy the explanation, except for one.  He said the same thing happened to him in 1993.  Pond Bank is on Anthony Highway, right by the Penn National Golf Club The Shadowlands 

WIGGANS PATCH MASSACRE (Boston Run, Schuylkill County) Early in the morning of December 10, 1875, a group of armed masked men burst into the home of the three Molly Maguires believed to be involved in the deaths of two mine foremen. The vigilantes killed suspected murderer Charles O’Donnell and also the pregnant and innocent Ellen McAllister, who was due the next day.   The true identity of the Wiggans Patch (as Boston Run was known then) attackers was never found, but rumors blamed the Coal & Iron Police or the Pinkertons.  Many believe Ellen's spirit haunts Wiggan's Patch.  Energized by her strong will to live and give birth, she's still there, roaming the old house in her nightclothes 126 years later. She's waiting in vain for the morning of December 11 and the birth of her child.  "The haunting can be felt at night. The pleas from the house are like a low moaning sensation as if she's saying 'help me, help my baby'," says Deborah Randall, a Washington, D.C., playwright who investigated the murders while doing research on the Mollies.  "For Ellen McAllister, the shock and horror of the siege has trapped her spirit in a surreal dimension. Time is standing still.  Each night she pleads for the bullets to stop. She wants peace."  PA Legends 

WILLOW VALLEY RETIREMENT COMMUNITY (Willow Valley, Lancaster County) Oddly, the retirement community isn't haunted by the spooks of its' elderly residents, but by a former chef.  His spirit can be seen roaming the Manor's kitchen until he disappears by walking through the door. The Shadowlands 

WILSON COLLEGE (Chambersburg, Franklin County) The most haunted hall of tiny Wilson College is the master bedroom of Norland Hall, a Victorian mansion built in 1864 by Col. Alexander McClure as a home for he and his wife Matilda.  It was donated to the school, and serves as offices now.  But up until the late 1980s, it was a guest house for distinguished visitors.  And a tough place to get a good night's rest.  It seems that the spook of McClure has been spotted there by several visitors.  He comes out of the closet, dressed in a long robe and ascot, takes a seat, and if noticed, will politely nod.  The room so spooked its guests that folk like President Dwight David Eisenhower and pianist Lili Kraus refused to stay overnight in the room.  (Pittsburgh Post Gazette "A Scary Night At Wilson College" April 13, 2008) Athena Varounis and Deborah Heinecker add in the book Franklin County Ghosts that a small child's spirit reportedly walks through the third floor of Wilson's dorm complex.

WOLF POND REPTILE (Wolf Pond, Dauphin County) Last reported over a century ago, the pond was home to a 30' reptile that looked like a pike on steroids.  It's black with yellow bands and a green head, and measured about 6" across.  One fisherman panicked when he saw it, and gave it a whack with his oar.  The monster capsized his boat before diving back to the safety of the pond bottom.  This is written up by Charles Skinner in his 19th century book Buried Treasure and Storied Waters, Cliffs and Mountains.

WPAM (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) Joseph, an old employee, passed on this tale of the haunted radio station:"Some of the things people said they saw or experienced were bodies falling from the radio tower; the turntable in the old control room spinning by itself; shadowy shapes in the hall, sometimes chasing each other; children's ghost outside the newsroom window, always with their back to the staff; and animal spirits." And you thought DJ's had an easy life!  The hill the station is built on was said to be home to KKK meetings and possibly lynchings, and one disk jockey committed suicide in the building, so there's all sorts of negative energy bottled up in the area.  Yahoo - Weird PA

YORK FAIRGROUNDS (York, York County) In 1924, four soused fair goers got into a little jam; one stole a gun from another as he laid passed out; when he awoke, he took the gun back, wounded the girl who had taken it and shot a companion in the hand, and then sent the final member of the group, Peggy LaRue, to her eternal rest as she was innocently sleeping her big day off.  The next year, an article appeared in the York Dispatch describing encounters with phantom noises at the fairgrounds. Several people heard a woman's screams, and in one case, a woman yelling "For God's sake, don't shoot!"  Another man claimed that later in the year, he had seen a woman dressed in white, who he took to be a nurse (which was LaRue's profession), looking mournful. There haven't been any recent spook sightings, so maybe she's moved on.  Masks of Mesingw

YORK LITTLE THEATRE: (York, York County) Formed in 1933, the York Little Theatre is one of the oldest continually operated community theatres in the United States.  In 1953, YLT successfully acquired a home of their own, Elmwood Theater.  And it came with some unexpected stage hands.  Its spooks are George and Martha, named after characters in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"  They earn their keep, helping on the set and slamming doors to chase away unwanted guests. (York Daily Record "Find Phantoms of York Little Theatre," October 22, 2009)

YUENGLING MANSION (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) Built in 1913 on Mahantonga Street by Frank Yuengling, the house raised three generations of the Yuengling family.  Since 1978, it's been the home of the Schuylkill County Council For the Arts Art and Ethnic Center.  It's said that the third floor, the former maids' quarters, hosts the spirits of one of the old Irish domestics and a playful child.  Since no deaths or traumatic events were known to have taken place there, it's believed that when the pair died, they returned to the place they considered home.  The main house also has stories of manifestations on its stairways.  The Carriage House has reports of a large brown orb in it and the immediate area.  The activity has been documented in Charles Adams III Coal Country GhostsOutta the Way


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