Comic Advert

***Did any comics other than TV 21 & Valiant carry the advert? If you know, please contact me: retromat 'at' btinternet 'dot' com***

Thanks to Kim Stevens for the following scan of a page from TV 21 comic from 21st August 1965, actually dated 2065!

From this advertisement, we can see that all the Spooks have names, even the clock. Why give a clock a name? I suppose it would be the exception without one. Why 'George'? How about, because of the expression 'By George, is that the time?', or because it's a Georgian design? Thanks to Kim for those suggestions!

See the contributions from Steve Moore, Nick and Spooky Steve for memories of the 'spooky story' contest.

Also, there is a high resolution scan available on flickr from user combophoto. A close comparison of these scans reveals the following differences:
  • the glow around the cat and some of the other spooks
  • the shading of the banisters
  • the box about the 'spooky story' contest with the pictures of the watches
  • the caption with the names of the spooks, under the haunted manor picture
  • the main text

It turns out that the picture on flickr is from Valiant of 21 August 1965, a copy of which I have seen. Although there is no information with the image to say where it came from, I saw the same evidence of the comic strip (Jack O'Justice, it turns out) on the other side of the page of that issue of Valiant, e.g. the speech bubbles that are just visible around the turrets of the castle.

The following comics have been checked and do not have the ad:

  • Treasure from August 1965 until early December 1965 (thanks to Peter Watson),
  • Eagle (21 August)
  • Valiant (28 August)

Further information on the presence or otherwise of the advert in other comics from this time would be welcome! It's a very long shot, but was there another advert altogether, for the promotion, but with different content, e.g. with pictures of the actual Spooks, cereal packet or even of the TV ad?

Using information supplied by Kim, the Sugar Puffs promotions from the Fish to the Spooks were as follows:

May 1964                Luminous Fish
July 1964                Jet-crew training contest
August 1964            Roman Gladiators
September 1964       Win a puppy or pony
March 1965             Scale Model Sports Car (8 models to collect)
May 1965                Super TWA Airliner (4 models to collect)
June 1965               Tiddlywinks set
August 1965            Luminous Spooks

These promotions really were very short-lived, no more than two months, it seems. No wonder I managed to get only a few of the Spooks. The next promotion listed after the Spooks is for a Punch and Judy show in March 1966, so presumably there were several others before that. Hopefully we'll find out about these in due course to narrow down the duration of the Luminous Spooks promotion.