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Here are some of the useful stuff I collected overtime.

More to come..


PSID Cross-Year Index

This is VERY useful to help you navigate through the all-too-messy PSID variables. For example, you never have to search through user guides for the availablity of variables across waves. Also, nice comparisons of definition changes across waves.


Statalist Archives

Most of the questions you encounter probably have already been asked (and often answered) on the Stata user list.

Resources to help you learn and use Stata

Excellent collection of Stata tips, .. etc


LATEX Tutorials A PRIMER - by Indian TEX Users Group, Trivandrum, India, 2003 September

How to Do Empirical Economics,  Investigaciones Economicas, vol XXX(2), 2006 - A conversation between distinguished economists on their approaches of conducting empirical research.