Hattrick Gadget

This is the first Hattrick Gadget for the Windows sidebar !       "New Version 0.5.3"

Developed initially by Pedro Lamas and begun again to date by us (jgarp and to nickasimir), the purpose of this gadget is to have a vision of play on its Hattrick team directly starting from her office!
Simple compact and effective, this small utility is translated into 15 different languages: French, English, Czech, Dane, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian, Slovak, Swedish, Finnish and Turkish!

You can see below the principal screen of the gadget, indicating the current hour Hattrick, the weather of your area, the name of your team and the bonds for your personal informations, your players, your stage, your division, your finances, your results of match and your calendar!

Below you can find information on your last played match and the match to come including the date and the hour as a result from whistle. You will in particular be able, to follow the match on line with the result and the events corresponding the whole on your desk!

The gadget appears when it is inserted into the side bar of Windows Vista or on the desk in Windows 7 and Windows 8 consumer preview.

It gives the information posted on the principal screen, but on a basis

In this sight (division). It indicates in a less compact format the actual position of your league, the teams like their classification day per day, the day in progress, BP (Goal for), the BC (conceded Goal), the difference, and the points!

It presents also the current statute of finances (Receipts and Expenditure) of your team, including the results of the previous week.

In the matches view (see image of left)! It shows the last played matches and their results, and the matches to come! Two options, in the form of icon in bottom on the left of the window, make it possible to boldface its team or to boldface all the winners.




You can have an outline of the players of the team, with all the essential characteristics.(country, the old one, the TSI, wages, warnings and wounds)

A View of the characteristics of the Arena is also available.

In this last view, you have the possibility of having the most important events of your team in the shape of a calendar. Information given will be the date and the hour of the training, as well as the birthdays players concerned.

Thanks to announce all encountered bugs / problems and to send all the suggestions that you can have to improve the gadget!

Merci de signaler tous les bugs / problèmes rencontrés et d'envoyer toutes les  suggestions que vous pouvez avoir pour améliorer le gadget !

 copyright @2009 jgarp / nickasimir