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Welcome to handyman Hattiesburg MS, a versatile repair, carpentry, and everything in-between service that provides high quality reliable handyman services in Hattiesburg Mississippi at the most affordable price around. 

We’re proud to be the number one result for local handyman service in Hattiesburg, and we’re inspired to continue to improve and grow our offerings. We currently provide a great diversity of handy man services for both residential and commercial clients. 

Please scroll down to see more info on some of our specific services, or you can save time by just giving us a call at 601-401-4435 and speak to us directly. All clients get a free inspection and estimate.


Our Hattiesburg handyman services are built around the principles of honesty, integrity, and a good day’s work. We understand that everyone’s needs and desires are different, and everyone has different budget levels. From handyman roofing to handyman plumber, and handyman electrical and handyman on call, we get that everybody is in a different situation. Maybe you want to want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or some other portion of your home. Maybe you need home repairs. Or maybe you’re just looking to get some around the house projects wrapped up by an expert so you can check those things off your list for the weekend. No matter what your need is, we provide quality service at the most competitive prices around. But more importantly than price alone is that you can count on us.

From Honey Do’s, to minor projects like shelving, furniture assembly, to minor remodeling and full renovation or home repair. We’ve seen it all when it comes to the needs of a homeowner. You can count on us to understand what you want and take of the things you don’t have time to do.


Handyman Hattiesburg provides a wide range of affordable handyman services, from general home repair and home improvement to roofing, to cabinet hanging, and remodeling. 

No matter how great or small your need is, we will provide a free inspection and estimate. As they say, estimates are free, neglect is costly. 

There’s not a lot we don’t do when it comes to handyman services. And when we can’t, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can. Whatever your local handyman needs, whether it’s remodeling, drywall repair, home repair, carpenter service or carpentry, refinishing kitchen cabinets, some bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, or any number of other common needs, we can do it. 

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a bottom dollar handy man service that will take your money and give you NO results. Those people are after your money, plain and simple, and after they get it they have no desire to get the job done.  With Go-To Handyman, you can count on us to take good care of you whatever you need, from home repair Hattiesburg MS or deck or fence construction.


We routinely take on projects of many sizes. From small (2-8 hours of work) to big (at least one full day), we can handle any number of different project needs you might have. Furniture assembly, minor remodeling, home repair services, household services, and all the rest. You can count on us.

When it comes to home repair and home remodeling services and things like bathroom and kitchen renovations, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen over the years. To help give you an idea of all the services we’ve provided in the past and are able to provide. We’ve written out the brief list below as a general overview. The list isn’t all inclusive, however, and we are more than capable of accommodating more diverse remodeling handyman needs and projects. 

  • Home Improvement
  • General Home Repair
  • Diverse Home Remodeling
  • Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets
  • Converting Rooms to Different Uses
  • And much more!

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