Tulips's quotes

1."The fountain is my speech. The tulips are my speech. The grass and trees are my speech." - Art Cashin

2."The tulips have been blooming early so we've expanded the festival back to meet the tulips over the past decade. We've gone from six days to 11 days to 19 days now. It's critical that we match the festival with the tulips." - George T. Delacorte

3."Life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips." - Shannon Hoon

4."How can you be content to be in the world like tulips in a garden, to make a fine show, and be good for nothing." - Mary Astell

5."I'm going to do an adaptation of the Italian film, Bread and Tulips. I really like that film." - Norman Jewison

6."And tulips, children love to stretch their fingers down, to feel in each its beauty's secret nearer." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

7."Guarded within the old red wall's embrace, Marshalled like soldiers in gay company, The tulips stand arrayed. Here infantry wheels out into the sunlight." - Amy Lowell

8.Not one of Flora's brilliant race a form more perfect can display. Art could not feign more simple grace nor Nature take a line away." - James Montgomery

9."The tulip's petals shine in dew, all beautiful, but none alike." - James Montgomery

10."Mid the sharp, short emerald wheat, scarce risen three fingers well, the wild tulip at end of its tube, blows out its great red bell, like a thin clear bubble of blood, for the children to pick and sell." - Robert Browning