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Abraham Lincoln and perseverance:





Thomas Hart Benton Murals

Mrs. Hatfield's favorite animal--the giant squid.

Science...The Great Fossil Find

Language Arts and Vocabulary Practice

Poems of the Week

Science...Making Observations

Team Building Activites

Independent Reading

Science...Setting Up An Experiment

Wordle: 5th grade
You can create a wordle like mine above.  Click on our Working with Words link to the left to find the site.  You can type your own words in or paste text from your favorite story, poem, or book.  

Writers at Work


Ecosystems Study in Science

Lost at Camp Science Project

Fall Party 2012


Ecosystem Research in Science Notebooks

Operation Gratitude Candy and Card Collection 2012

Bradford Woods October 2012

IU Greenhouse Study Trip


2nd Grade Reading Buddies

Reading at Binford

Science Experiments...learning to only change one variable at a time in any experiment

Classroom Activities

Classroom Pets...science in disguise!

Live streaming by Ustream

Is there anything interesting on the shark cam?

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Great news... 

We now have access to World Book Encyclopedias online for FREE (from a MCCSC computer).  


Brain Breaks

We Stop Hate...antibullying site created by kids...

Help your child prevent bullying this school year. Check out this article http://www.ed.gov/blog/2012/08/5-ways-to-help-your-child-prevent-bullying-this-school-year/

How much do you know about the platypus?  It's a great topic to research further.  Learn something new today. 

Information about our math learning model:

Saturn and moon Titan seen from Cassini Probe
It's winter on Saturn.  Find out more by clicking on the picture.  

You can order scholastic books online at any time with the benefits coming to our classroom.  Go to www.scholastic.com to order.  Search for our class, or type in the Scholastic code GVYH3.  Remember our class receives free books everytime someone orders online. 

What's your reading level? Take this quick quiz from Staples to see.  You can improve your score over time by practicing reading a lot! Read everyday and watch your reading level soar.

Are these martian blueberries?  Find out more about the photos taken by the Mars Opportunity rover by clicking the picture.
mars spherules

Read critically.  With the influx of information in our modern age, we must learn to edit what we read.  We are inundated with information at all times with our phones, ipads, computers, and other devices, but not all of it is relevant or correct.  Think while you read.  Question.  Ask why.  Ask how.  

Learning Thoughts:
Share what you know in the real world.
Failure will happen because we learn from it. 
Amplify your potential with technology.
If you can answer the question using your electronic device, you need to have better questions.
Be a problem solver...once you've identified the problem
You don't need to be taught in order to learn.
What question and goal are you working toward?
Learn focus and discipline.
The classroom is a network to the world.
Be a modern learner.
School is a place to nuture, sustain, develop, and create learning.