About Us

The Chaos Army is a gaming team that started on August 15, 2010. We are a gaming team that wants to gain respect and loyalty from other clans.We have joined  the gamebattles team bracket. The Founder of the clan is Vision Chaos. The Co-Founders are Fallenslaughter and batedgamerslife. We are looking for players to recruit that are mature and respectful players. So if you want to join message Vision Chaos. You may have to tryout or you may just play a couple of games with the team. We are a cool group of people That wants to expand or group so we get better and maybe get sponsored some day for or gameplay. The makers of the site are the Founder and the Co-Founder

Our Oath

On my honor,
I will never betray my army,
my integrity, my character,
or the chaos army trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our gameplay.
I will always uphold the rules and the clan i serve