Hi!  Our site is about the hate crimes that are happening and have happened in the U.S today.  We are to do a thorough investigation on how these hate crimes work. Hate crimes are crimes done in order to kill someone of the opposing race, side, etc. They are everywhere in the world and very often are people getting hurt and killed by them.Today, many people are trying to stop these terrible crimes, but they still exist.


    The most common hate crime are mostly about race and sexual orientation,. In the past there have been deadly organizations that led riots and murders just to get rid of a race, sexual orientation, etc. Even to this day, hate crimes are still present and plenty of people of all kinds are getting killed by them. Innocent people are getting tortured, injured, or murdered just for being who they are and how other people think about them. 

    The government and organizations are trying their best to stop hate crimes, for example, in the late 1970's the concept of hate crimes was made. A law was later made at the end of the 20th century to add additional penalties for doing or starting a hate crime. However, despite all this hate crimes still seem to live on and people are still being killed. Still many wars, protests, and injuries are present today in the world. Hate crimes are causing a very big deal in the world and must be stopped quickly before it gets even worse.  



By: Amber, Ashley, Helen, Nicole