Executive Summary

    We are trying to model how chile pungency and yield are affected by the amount of water added.  This is a continuation from last year’s project.  This year we have added height of plant, position of fruit, and many more variables into our program.  We conducted additional research and had tremendous help from Dr. Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute at NMSU.  Unfortunately the chile field that we planted last year to validate our program did not grow as expected, so we could not determine whether our program from last year was returning accurate information.  To compensate, this year we compared the data that our program returned to some research articles, and we are also planning on planting a chile field this summer with the help of the Chile Pepper Institute to determine if the new variables added to our program are correct.  If everything goes well we plan to distribute to the program to some local farmers who have shown interest in it.  This way we are helping boost the economy and use of agricultural technology in our community.