Hatchet Riders is an up-and-coming guild on the world Zatoishwan on the gaming site, DOFUS. The current leader is Fox-Paw.     
---Currently, We are looking for any players that are level 10 + with no specific Race. Players who apply must be active and willing to better the guild by contributing to the Experience pool.  Those who join and do not comply to this terms will be kicked after a week if at least 200 exp isn't contributed or if the player is absent from game play for 1-2 weeks without telling before hand.
---Ranks are distributed to whom either the Leader or the Second in Command(s) sees fit based on the necessary experience contribution amounts listed below:
 200 XP - Right: Invite Players; Title: Dogsbody
 500 XP - Right: Manage Own XP; Title: Pentient
 1000 XP - Right: Place Perc; Title: Mascot
 2000 XP - Right: Retrieve Loot (Perc); Title: Breeder
 4000 XP - Right: Use Paddock; Title: Recruiting Officer
 10,000 XP - Right: Arrange Paddocks; Title: Guide
 15,000  XP - Right: Manage Mounts; Title: Governer
 20,000 XP - Right: All Remaining Rights (Except Ban/Manage Rights/Ranking)
 50,000 XP - Right: Choice of Title (except Second-In-Command)
100,000 XP - Right: Recieve all Rights and Choice of any Title (except Second-In-Command)