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Washoe County SAR

Search and Rescue in Washoe County, Nevada

Per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 248.092) Searches and rescues. The Sheriff is responsible for searches and rescues within his county.

 Washoe County occupies approximately 6608 square miles in the northwest corner of Nevada, stretching from just north of Carson City all the way north to the Oregon border. The southwestern part of the county encompasses a portion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe. The northern half of the county is the western edge of the Black Rock Desert. The Truckee River cuts through the southern portion of the county from west to east, turning north at Wadsworth, and terminating at Pyramid Lake.

All search and rescue missions in the State of Nevada are the responsibility of the Sheriff of the county where the search is to be conducted.  Under the Sheriff's command are two full-time employees who study and oversee all aspects of Search and Rescue in the county. These two officers, a Sergeant and a Deputy, supervise the teams of volunteers and act as a liason between the teams and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. Currently, there are over 400 volunteers within the eight officially recognized, privately organized teams.  By using SAR volunteers, the Washoe County Sheriff's office saves the taxpayers of Washoe County in excess of $500,000 dollars annually.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office also works in cooperation with local Fire Agencies and the Pyramid Lake Reservation agencies for search and rescue services. The local BLM Offices are an important asset that work with the Sheriff's Office on searches in the northern part of the county.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office Search and Resce team program has been nationally recognized for its volunteers' efforts, training and organization. In Washoe County, visitors and residents alike benefit from the emergency search and rescue services, for which there are no fees, due to the dedication and commitment of the hundreds of search and rescue volunteers who comprise these specialized teams. Though they work side by side, these specialized teams each have very specific responsibilities during a search and rescue mission. Please take some time to visit our specialized teams homepages (Affiliated Search & Rescue Teams of Washoe County, Nevada)