Digital Health & Wellness

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Now begin your journey down the road to "Digital Health and Wellness."

Technology can be wonderful but you also must be careful not to let technology take over your life or let it cause you physical or mental harm. Through education and training, you can learn to avoid the possible physical and mental stresses that technology could bring to you.

1.  Go to this website about Digital Citizenship and read the section on Digital Health and Wellness.                                                                  


2. Write out  some of the possible harmful effects of using technology in a Google Doc. Name it Digital Health.

3. Visit the following websites and learn about the science of ergonomics.  Keep in mind the following questions:  Continue with your current Google Doc and answer: What is the science of ergonomics?  How does the science of ergonomics help reduce the potential risks involved in using technology?



4. Think about all the technologies you use throughout a typical day both in school and at home (i.e. Internet, Video Games, MP3 Player, Cell Phone) and the approximate amount of time you spend using each technology. This should include technology you use both at home and at school. 

5.  Go to the following website, and check out the sections on Computers, Gaming and Mobile Devices to learn some tips to consider to avoid potential harmful effects of using technology.


6.   Consider all that you have learned about Digital Health and Wellness. Consider your own personal technology usage from number 4. Do you plan to change anything about the way you use technology? What advice would you give to a group of younger students who are just beginning to explore the world of technology?