About me

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I completed my PhD on August 2017 from the Department of mathematics at Southern Illinois University  Carbondale.  I earned my  Masters degree in Mathematics and Statistics on May 2013 from the Department of mathematics at Southern Illinois University  Carbondale.

I joined the Appalachian State University right after my Ph.D. in 2017. My research interests are in several different areas in Statistics. My main focus is on Robust Statistics & Bootstrapping. It can be extremely difficult to find the outliers in a multivariate setting and outliers can ruin the analysis. This led to research about Robust Multivariate Regression, Robust Discriminant Analysis and the one way MANOVA test. Bootstrap tests can be used to weaken assumptions such as a common covariance matrix. I am also interested in statistical learning (also known as machine learning).

Hasthika Rupasinghe, PhD
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Email me at: hasthika@appstate.edu