Hassan Eldib

       Postdoctoral Research Associate

       Computer Science
       Rice University

Short Biography

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computer Science at Rice University, working with Prof. Swarat Chaudhuri. I received a Ph.D.  from Virginia Tech in Computer Engineering. I received the FMCAD best paper award in 2013. Completed both my B.Sc. and M.Sc. with GPA 4.0/4.0 from AAST, Egypt. My main research interests are program synthesis, verification and embedded security. I have developed several practically scalable security tools for verification and synthesis of cryptographic attacks and attack countermeasures and other tools for synthesis of optimal embedded control software. 

Research Interests
  • Program synthesis
  • Software/Hardware verification and testing
  • Embedded security 
  • Cryptography
  • Power side-channel attacks and countermeasures
  • Fault-based attacks and countermeasures
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Formal methods