HASnotes is a messaging and forum system for announcements by the Hartford Audubon Society. As a Google Group it enables members to post messages. Most members receive these messages as an email. Messages can also be seen in forum fashion. Click here to enter the HASnotes Forum . Several year's worth of history is available on the forum.

Messages can be posted from the forum or by addressing an email to HASnotes@googlegroups.com

HASnotes is private and only group members may send messages or log onto the forum. Messages are not sent automatically to all members of Hartford Audubon. Only members of Hartford Audubon may request to join HASnotes. The easiest way to this is by contacting Fred Nowak by email at FredNowak@comcast.net.

The member list for HASnotes controls access to the password protected portions of the HASmember web site. As long as someone is a member of HASnotes they have full access to the HASmember web site. Click here to enter HASmember.

HASmember is focused on Hartford Audubon as an organization. It is a prime source of documentation important to the functioning of Hartford Audubon.

The main web site for Hartford Audubon is http://hartfordaudubon.org/. There is a small overlap between the content of HartfordAudubon.org, HASnotes and HASmember but it is best to view the sites as generally independent.

If you attempt to access either the HASnotes web site or the password protected portion HASmember web site Google will follow this process:
    1. If you are logged onto a Google account that is a member of HASnotes you will go directly to the webpage.
    2. If you are not logged on it will ask you to sign in or create a Google Account.
    3. If you sign into a Google account that is a member of HASnotes you will go directly to the webpage.
    4. If you create an account make sure the email for the Google account matches the one used by HASnotes.
    5. Once the account is created and you are signed in you will go directly to the web page.