HASmember is a freely shared collection of information pertaining to the Hartford Audubon Society. Most topics are organizational in nature and of more interest to members than the general public. HASmember is owned by Fred Nowak. 

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Data will not be added to this site after March 2017.

A map with directions to HAS locations - Trips,
Member Meetings,
Wildlife Series,
Sanctuaries, Projects   

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Maps, deeds, plans, recommendations
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Process Documentation
Planning Framework; Flow Charts for the Dues Letter, Banquet Letter and Program Book; Duties; Policies; New Members Letter.
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Governing Rules

State and IRS regulations; HAS bylaws
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Taxes and Fees
IRS and State forms and documents
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What's New

Trips, Leaders and Member Counts 
A spreadsheet database with data from a century of Program/Handbooks

Financial Results
Current and Annual Meeting Financial Reports

Board Meeting Minutes
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Member Meeting Minutes 
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Enhanced Contact List plus
Full Membership List & Count by Town

This contact list has mobile numbers for individual members; is voluntary; and stands apart from the HAS Membership spreadsheet database and Program/Handbook.

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The best long term way to satisfy the password is to be signed into a Google account that is a member of HASnotes.

Bird Counts
Christmas Bird Count, Summer Bird Count

Historical Interest
From the past, but interesting today